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Zoladex immediately after IVF

SkbrSkbr Member Posts: 31
Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone has had their Zoladex injection straight after an IVF cycle? My lymph nodes were clear so I don’t need chemo, but my oncologist wants to put me on Zoladex & Aromasin for 5 years, (with a break after 2y to have children - I’ll be 38/39). 
I am almost through an IVF round to freeze my eggs & was wondering if it’s healthy or safe for your ovaries to be hyper stimulated & then shutdown immediately afterwards. Or is it better to wait a few days/week for them to return to normal before starting Zoladex? 
None of my specialists seem to be communicating with each other, so I’m finding it difficult to know the urgency or safety around the issue. I don’t want to damage my fertility for the future, or increase my recurrence chances..

Would really appreciate any advice!

*** A bit of background on my cancer:
I’m 36 & I have Hormone positive (80%), HER2 negative breast cancer, ki67 16% (3 tumours in the right breast). 
I had a single nipple & skin sparing mastectomy with an expander (in preparation for radiotherapy), 10.5weeks ago. My breast surgeon got clear boarders and tested 4 lymphnodes which were also clear, so seemed to think I would need no further treatment, (which I found unusual for early bc). 
My surgeon then took 3 weeks to seek a multidisciplinary meeting with an oncologist & radiation oncologist, after which she said I’d need endocrine therapy to be safe, but no longer need radiotherapy. It took 8 weeks after surgery to get an oncologist appointment - and now I am starting IVF, then endocrine therapy next week. It’s been very difficult waiting around, without being given much information. (Perhaps I’ll post another question, asking if such slow, conservative aftercare is normal!)

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