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Hi all, I am new to the group. Was diagnosed in March after a breast screen, such a shock, as I had no symptoms. I feel as though I have been put through a sausage factory. So much pushing, poking, squashing, injecting.. and the pain! wowsers, I never new breasts/armpits could be so painful, especially after surgery. Fortunately I haven't needed chemo, and hormone blocking was a bit iffy so I said no thanks. Now I am near the end of radiotherapy and getting tired. I only work part time, but in health care, its hard to be caring when you are sick yourself. As if that wasnt enough my husband has a rare disease, with un predictable symptoms and he cant work. The burden of being the main breadwinner and a carer AND having treatment has really worn me down.  But at least the sun is shining today, and I plan on hitting the garden tomorrow.


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    Welcome @Kangarouch,

    Sorry you are here but glad to hear near the end of treatment. 

    Yes its all a bit full on isnt it. Once radiotherapy is done you may have a little time to reflect and regroup. Radiotherapy is its own gruelling with all the appts etc. 

    Glad you have some things to look forward to. 

    Hugs x

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    Hello 🙂. It is a bit tough in that situation. Caring for someone while you yourself are going through a hard time. Plus being the only one working, it causes a lot of stress. Is there any way you can get help from the government to help look after hubby? Or maybe through the cancer council? There has to be something offered to relieve your stress. Ring around if you haven’t already and see what you can find. 
    To good to hear you’re almost at the end of treatment though 👌🏻♥️
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    Welcome to the group that no-one really wants to join @Kangarouch ......I am so glad you've found us!  If we can help in any way to help you get thru this, just ask.  No question is too small or too large xx

    It can be really hard when receiving treatment yourself & caring for a family member .... I am in the same situation too as Hubby is Stage 4 cancer, diagnosed in Jan this year. 

    Yep, It's a real train wreck to start off with - plus the shock of diagnosis as well .... we've all been there, so 'we get it' - sometimes, family & friends 'don't'!  :(  They think that just because you've had your surgery & radiation, that your are 'finished' and 'OK' - and it  is not always the case - it can take a few years before you 'find yourself' again.   I found it mucked with my brain much more than I expected .... if you find yourself getting sad or worried about things - make sure you contact a professional who will be able to give you 'coping mechanisms' .... Your Cancer Centre should be able to help you with that..... or ring the help line here, for advice too. 
    1800 500 258

    Try & get back into doing the things you love (as you are able to do so) or even try something 'new' - to give you the urge to get out & about ..... keeping busy is the trick, I find.  Don't be afraid to ask for help, if you are able to, with your husband's health (and your own.)  

    We've got lots of different threads here to give you a laugh
    or some wise words
     ..... you can show us how good you are at Art & Craft,
    or show us your pets
     & garden!
    Or show us your quickest, easiest favourite meal ..

    Take care & all the best for your last few rads - make sure you keep up your lotions & potions for 3-4 weeks, as the radiated area will continue to 'cook' for about a month ...... xx
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    Hello @Kangarouch.  Welcome to this club no-one wanted or expected to join.  Lots of knowledgeable and caring ladies on here.  If you look to the right of the screen there is a special private group for carers, called Carers Corner, you may like to join that as support from others who know a bit about your thoughts and feelings.  All the best.  💖
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    Dear @Kangarouch, I  love your pen-name - Ouch is the word! I hope that, like me, you will have your energy back 3-4 weeks after radiotherapy ends.

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Best wishes to you @Kangarouch. Hoping things improve for you. 🌷
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    Hi @Kangarouch,
    Your description of the sausage factory conveyor belt is so apt. I couldn't put my arm down by my side for four weeks, and the rest of it. Good luck with it all.