Newly diagnosed at 28 weeks pregnant

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I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 2 tripple negative breast cancer and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. I’m struggling to find much information on stories of women who have been through this and hoping their might be women on here that could share their experience with me if they have been diagnosed whilst pregnant x


  • Blossom1961
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    The Young women group may have someone. Join up and ask there just in case they do not see your post here. I did one of my chemo with someone who was diagnosed just after she found out she was pregnant. Heaps of support from her oncologist.
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    No information to give you @mandylee but a virtual hug.  
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    Hi @MandyLee,

    Sorry to hear that. Hugs to you.

    I have read somewhere recently about a lady who was pregnant and waited a bit before starting chemo. Baby was fine. Maybe on Instagram. Ill see if i can find it. 

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    Here is 1 link 

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    Thanks so much MicheleR. I listened to her story and reached out last week. Hopefully hear back from her x
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    Hello @MandyLee
    So sorry ca has butted its ugly head in what should be the happiest time of your life. There’s a private group on Facebook for women with bc under 50. I’ve read the stories of at least two women who were in your situation. See if you can join and find some help there. I’ll give you the link if you can’t find it ♥️♥️
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    Thankyou. I think I’ve found it. I’ll join x