Is a blog over the top?

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Hi, I'm Kirrilee,
I don't even know any answers to fill in the journal page about myself. I know nothing about anything yet.
This is what I do know. I have grade 3 aggressive breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and some nodes taken on Thursday (21st Jan). I have another appointment with the surgeon on Friday.
I didn't mean to start a blog, it's just that everyone asks so many questions and it's tricky replying to everyone. It seems to be keeping people informed as well as helping me by spending time concentrating on forming sentences rather than starting to panic.
Do you reckon it's over the top?


  • MicheleR
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    I think we all do whatever we need to. I dont think its over top. Despite not really  being a facebooker i invited more people as a friend and just wrote about my experience. The advantage of limiting people to my mind allowed me to be unfiltered. I have overseas relatives so they could follow along. I made the decision that it was my journey and i used it as an opportunity to record what was going on. I can go back and remember certain things now which has been useful. I also posted other crafts and things i was working on to break it up. Some people found the topics (even baldness) a little confronting so i tried to post happy stuff occasionally. 

  • Mazbeth
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    Hi @Kirrilee that’s not over the top at all. It’s a great way to keep people updated. I agree with @jtee in that it is often hard talking to people as you do find yourself reassuring them when we are often trying to get some clarity ourselves. I also think it is an opportunity to spread the word about getting checkups etc as I know that a few of my friends have made sure they got their mammograms. Good luck with everything. 
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    Sounds like a good plan.  I had a select group of family and friends that I would send sms message too.  I would find repeating the story exhausting so I could just forward sms on.  I did this when I felt up to it.  Too technically challenged to do a blog myself. 🙂
  • Donna1974
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    I just finished reading and definitely not over the top. Good luck for your treatment x
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    I read your blog @Kirrilee. Good stuff. Very relatable. Keep it going 👌🏻👌🏻♥️
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    Oh I wish I had've thought about a blog!  I told very few people about my diagnosis because I didn't want the questions or messages saying how are you? What did the doctor say? What's next?  So only immediately family knew. I farmed out the job of answering people to my partner and daughter.  Each had a couple of people they needed to update and no-one was to contact me directly.  It took the pressure off me for having to keep repeating myself.  Even after I started getting out and about again I knew people would have questions.  I answered a few and then left my partner to do the story telling.  Again, I was sick of saying the same thing over and in the end I was just sick of talking about cancer.  I had to deal with it but didn't feel like everyone else had to, nor did I want it to be part of every conversation I had with people I saw afterwards.  I've probably told more people not that it's behind me than I did at the time.  Most react the same way......why didn't you tell me!!!  Because I just wanted to get on with it and get better.  Now that I am, I'm telling you.  People either understand or feel slghtly put out but either way it's really about me and what works best for me.  It sounds like the blog is what works best for you.  Good luck!!!  And not OTT at all.   :)