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Diagnosed Metastatic BC August 2020/nab Paclitxel (chemo) & Atezolizumab (Immunotherapy)

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I just want to share my story. High risk R side breast cancer diagnosed in August 2016. oestrgon + progestrone/HER2 neg. Treated with surgery/chemotherapy x 2 and on Letrozole daily. Four years of good health and back to work.
Come August 2020 found hard lump right base of neck. GP ultrasound organized. Referral was then sent to my oncologist who ordered an ultrasound biopsy and PET/CT scan. On 6th August this is when I found out I had metastatic breast cancer triple Neg. Terminal with not a good prognosis. Results showed I had a large tumor R supraclavicular Lymph node with multiple enlarged internal mammary nodes (hots spots). Bone Mets in T8 spine and R iliac bone (hotspots). On the 20th August I commences Chemo-nab Paclitaxel days 1, 8, 15 and Immunotherapy Atezolizumab days 1, 15 and one week off. Follow up PET/CT scan 3 monthly. I have completed my first 3 months and had my PET/CT scan on the  9th November and couldn't be happier or at least some hope. (I must admit it ha been a real struggle with lots of lows and crying leading up to this for not just myself but also my husband.) Results showed Marked decrease in size of the R supraclavicular mass, with most of the mammary lymph nodes, bone Mets and R mass in the neck's SUV have reduced by over half. 
Conclusion: There is evidence of a positive response to therapy. No new metastasis. 
At this stage I have only had minor side effects from the chemo/immuno though this can change mainly with the immunotherapy.



  • arpie
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    GO GIRL!  So sorry to hear of the diagnosis - and Wishing you all the best with your ongoing treatment xx

    You may like to join the 'Living with Metastatic Cancer' group ... where you can raise any issues in total private. xx

    Hugs coming your way 
  • ddon
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    @Azi so sorry you got to that stage but so glad your treatment is working. A warm hug and best wishes for continued improvements. Xxx
  • Watto
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    Hi Azi, I can sympathise with your news, as was diagnosed with a return of TN metastatic b/c 6 months after completing 18 months of treatment and being sent off with the ‘all clear’. I’m on the same chemo and immunotherapy treatment - just finished round 3 so waiting for scan results.

     Just wanted to say was great to read your scans have shown improvement, fingers crossed for you and me both. 
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    @Azi and @Watto,
    Big hugs and everything crossed for you both. <3
  • Azi
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    ddon said:

    @Azi so sorry you got to that stage but so glad your treatment is working. A warm hug and best wishes for continued improvements. Xxx

  • Azi
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    Thank you for all your kind messages. A warm hug to you all.
    @Watto I will be thinking of you and fingers are crossed. x