Looking for the positives

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Being in the COVID capital of Victoria it has been difficult to find many positives for some months.
These masks - blah - but today I found myself appreciating mine.  ''What ?''  You may be asking.
Well, Ballarat has snow - real snow which lays on the ground and banks up.  The temperature dropped to zero but it felt like minus 5 degrees.
The positives ?
1.  The good old COVID mask kept my face warm and
2.  The winter wonderland is beautiful.  I have emailed my American penfriend of 50+ years with the photos and she is amazed as she never believed that sunny Australia ever got cold !
No doubt the TV news will be full of pictures of kids playing in the snow in many parts of Victoria and perhaps other States today as this cold front works its way across the landscape.


  • iserbrown
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    Ha ha!
    We too are experiencing the snow.  We are presently watching the Premier give his evidence to the Inquiry around the Hotel Quarantine Victoria.   Snowing is a great distraction 
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    I read South Australia has had snow also we presently have wild winds and highways closed in CW NSW 

    My positive is our DAM is finally full after looking like we were going to be at Zero this summer.... Yeah for Rain 
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    @June1952 a friend lives in Ballarat and sent me photos...it looked beautiful...so lucky ❤️
  • June1952
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    Yes, it was beautiful.