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Mum's first chemo session



  • BlancaP
    BlancaP Member Posts: 12
    @Abbydog thanks for thinking of us.  Mum did OK with the first chemo session, second one coming up this Thursday.  The oncologist has set up for treatment once a week for 3 weeks then a 2 weeks break.  Mum is due to start her second cycle at the end of August.  She has had morning nausea and I am now giving her anti nausea medicine first thing in the morning to try and prevent it. Apart from that just the usual lack of appetite.

    Mum is spending her days in bed resting and trying to keep warm  Hopefully she won't have too many nasty side effects as treatment progresses.  It's been hard trying to get her to eat and drink enough but I'm doing my best by giving her foods that are warm and that she enjoys.  
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 447
    Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are doing a great job.
  • AllyJay
    AllyJay Member Posts: 931
    Hi there @BlancaP,,,have you tried making her some of the cup of soups? Nutrition wise, rather lacking, but it might help your mum to keep the fluids going. I remember when I was going through chemo that I got very tired of tea, tea, tea. I went right off coffee, (even the smell made me gag) and warm milo, hot chocolate and so on was too rich and sweet. I preferred savoury and salty foods. Just a thought.
  • BlancaP
    BlancaP Member Posts: 12
    Hi @AllyJay, thanks for the suggestion about the soups.  Yes, mum enjoy soups and I have given her some every other day but I think I should make it a daily thing.  She's still enjoying a daily cup of hot chocolate but she's not so much into tea and never drank coffee.  Thanks again <3
  • kamada
    kamada Member Posts: 70
    Hi @BlancaP. Just another idea re maintaining fluid intake. I found it hard to drink enough water so bought a sofa stream and found the various cordials (ginger, lemon lime and bitters, elderflower, lime etc) mixed with the soda water added variety to supplement tea coffee etc. Also was able to choose a flavour that appealed to picky taste buds and touchy tummy most days. Hope your mum is doing as well as possible. Remember to look after yourself as well during this stressful time. 😘
  • BlancaP
    BlancaP Member Posts: 12
    Hi @kamada, thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely try it and I already have a soda stream machine.   :)