Triple negative breast cancer

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Hi, I’m 34 and just been diagnosed with Triple-negative breast cancer. It hit me hard as I have 2 small children 3 and 9 months and had to stop breast feeding instantly and have a lumpectomy n sentinel node resection. I’m very thankful I’m stage 1, so far lymph nodes r clear but get final results next week. Was a grade 3 tumour that I caught early. I’m looking at chemo, genetic testing and double mastectomy or radiation but thinking of the mastectomy. Just needing info on chemo for this type and how your effected by it? Will I get very sick and loose my hair? How fast do you recover between cycles?
I’m in a bad dream that I can’t wake from! 
Has anyone had this and not had chemo?
thanks guys x


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      So sorry to see you here with two little ones to take care of and worry for. It’s good you caught it early so hopefully all will be well for your future. Others on here will give great advice and tips on how to cope with chemo and radiation. I have just finished chemo and am now partway into rads - I have four children between 7-17 and my advice is to accept any help that’s offered because at best chemo is very tiring and much as you want to soldier on, the reality is that some days that will prove difficult. Some people cope very well, some really struggle and it’s impossible to know which will be you until you are in the middle of it. 
    My hair started to fall after two weeks (1 treatment) and I got my husband to clipper it off because I couldn’t bear watching it thin etc. I am not sure if your particular treatment will mean hair loss. 
     There is nothing fun about this process and it can be a tough ride, but the upside is that the treatment will end and you will be amazed at how your body recovers. We are so fortunate to have the treatment options available and great healthcare in this country. 
     Best wishes and a big hug - it truly sux to be dealing with cancer so young and with little kids.  On here we understand your headspace and fears xx
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    Thank you so much, words I needed to hear. I have my mum coming over before chemo starts to help out as my husband is fly in fly out. He’ll try be home as much a possible be he needs to still work. It’s just so uncertain and scary. But help I will accept! And helps I have had to put my daughter onto formula so others can look after her when needed. 
    Good luck to you in your journey. 4 children is huge and your amazing to have gotten so close to the end of the treatment! 
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    Wonderful that your mum can come - mine was a wonderful help with getting kids ready for school etc on my off days. My husband was home each night thankfully - fly in and out will make it harder but you will get there. Being young has its advantages - it’s not fair, but having a young strong body is an advantage I’m sure. Take good care of yourself xx
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    Here's to the tn grandmas! I dont know how we would have survived without ours.
    @Caroline86, I'm so sorry you have to join us. It will not be easy but you will get through. As ddon says, we do get very good care here.
    If your husband ever wants to talk to another husband of a young tnbc mum please let him not hesitate to get in touch. I know it probably all.feels like a nightmare you are running through. I still have hopes of waking up but the reality is... well, this.
     But things will get better. There are many supportive survivors right here. There is a lot of information on this forum. I stalked through old forum stories which I found helpful personally. 
    I also found Pat Prijatel's book
     Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Hope, Treatment, and Recovery
    Never give up, you can beat this!
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    Thank you So much I’ll look into that book! I don’t think I understand the full complexity of all this yet and rolling with the punches. Just holding onto my surgeon saying there is a 97% survival rate for my stage and that gives me hope! We are very blessed and have apparently an amazing oncologist I’m yet to meet. 
    Staying positive as much as I can. Will look through the forums and will let my husband know also. Thank you. 
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    @Caroline86 I was diagnosed on August 20. Triple Negative, Grade 3. Not sure of the stage yet but have been told I caught it early and it was only in 2 nodes. I had a lumpectomy and auxiliary clearance and see my oncologist for the first time on Saturday. Like you I have a young family. I'm 38 and my youngest is 18mths old. How are you going on your journey? What is chemo like? 
    Sending 💕 and positive thoughts. 
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    I’m so sorry to hear your story! It’s a devastating thing to have to go through With young kids. Where r u located? I’m in Perth. I’ve recently been diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene so will be having a double mastectomy next year after chemo and my ovaries out down the tract. 
    I’m happy to swap details and chat and give you and guidance and support you need. Just private message me.
    I’m half way through chemo and it’s been tiring but I’m lucky to have minimal nausea just fatigue. Next round starts soon so not sure what symptoms I’ll get. I’ve lost my hair but accepted this and rock a beanie or cool hat and my occasional wig. 
    My son has been a champ and my daughter hasn’t skipped a beat. They give u purpose every day and you have little time time feel sorry for yourself. But it is hard and you will need all the support around u u can get! Meals, cleaning n just someone to entertain your kids first week post chemo. 
    After 5 days I’m back to myself. 
    Good luck in your journey. Stay positive and strong and it’ll be behind you in no time xx
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    Hi @Caroline86 to protect your privacy I have removed your full name.  You can send @lovemelrose a private message via the online forum with your contact details.  Cheers Giovanna
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    Thank you sorry I only realised afterwards I could private msg. Thank you for taking my name off