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My first post, diagnosed with MBC in January 2020

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    Dear @Sonya9,
    I hope someone will be able to give advice on how to cope with such a challenging and scary situation.  I have only had a tiny little BC molehill  to deal with!

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Hi @Sonya9
    You have had a really rough ride so far, what is the pathology of the cancer, I know of a couple of ladies at the cancer centre who have been talking about having radiation to the brain.  While I haven’t spoken to them personally, I must say they both look well to me.  Fear is a constant feeling for me as well, please speak to a counsellor. I know the cancer council offer counselling services as well.  Wishing you the best with your treatment.
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    @Sonya9 Welcome to the forum.  Have you joined the private group "living with metastatic cancer"?  You may find more information there.
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    I was reading recently of a lady who had undergone ‘whole brain radiation’ with metastatic bc and was back jogging 6 months later. It sounds terrifying but your medical team know what they are doing and have your best interests at heart. 
    I am finding that the way I deal with my fear is trying not to think past what is directly in front of me because anymore than that can be overwhelming. Sending a big hug xx
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    Thankyou all for your thoughts and advice - my first session is Thursday, followed by a few more on a specific tumour on which is very near my left eye nerve.
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    Hi @Sonya9, sending you strength and love. XO
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    Dear @Sonya9
    I'm a member of the Living with Metastatic Cancer group - this group has lots of lovely ladies with really valuable well informed knowledge to pass on and also with lived experience - you might find it helpful as well? It's also a private group. You can just click on the group and ask to join .....
    I hope that this helps you a little? All the very best for tomorrow <3

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    Hello @Sonya9 hoping all went well with your first treatment today!  Wishing you well