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Herceptin, Palbociclib and Letrozole combination

Butters Member Posts: 3
Hi everyone, this is the first time I have posted in this forum, so hello :)
I am currently doing 18 weeks of chemo and 3 weekly herceptin treatments, and my scans are showing that the cancers, which are in my liver, lungs, bones and lymph nodes, are reducing quite a lot. So far I am at week 13 of treatment and some days I am really struggling to cope with all the yucky chemo side effects.

When my 18 weeks are up, my oncologist has suggested I go on a trial for Palbociclib as well as Letrozole and continue with the herceptin. I am pre-menopausal and 45 years of age so I think that's why I'm eligible for the trial. 

Anyway, I have read all the side effects of Palbociclib and Letrozole and it really scares me.
Is there anyone here who is currently using this combination of therapy and can you please tell me your thoughts / experience?
many thanks xx