Melbourne Community Liaison Training

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Had to say what a great time it was in Melbourne for the past two days! I met 15 others who were amazingly inspirational, gracious and supportive and are now my "new best friends". The days were planned so well and we learnt so much about BCNA, each other and ourselves.

The staff that work for BCNA are so special, we all hope they realise it.

I am happily exhausted today, mind still spinning but it will soon return to its normal thinking processes so I can make a plan.

One word to sum up: YIPPEE.


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    Hi Mandy

    It was lovely to meet you and have a chat when you came to the BCNA offices for afternoon tea on Friday. I'm glad you enjoyed the training and made some new friendships. I was interested to read your comment about the staff being special but think you have it round the wrong way! The BCNA staff are always commenting how special and how inspirational 'our women' are. Meeting you reminds us why we are all here, so it was great that our new Community Liaisons could call in and inspire us all over again.