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It has been a week since my surgery for the lumpectomy and node removal.  Funny enough, I was not nervous. I went into surgery calm and with the attitude - I am in good hands.  Surgery took a bit longer because I found out today they got a rather nasty surprise.....the lump measured 8.5 cm or 85mm instead of the 2.5 cm they thought it was going to be.  In their words "it was angry".  With my slightly dark sense of humour - all I thought was "you would be angry too if someone came and threw you out of your comfortable home!"  However, i know that 'angry' is not a good phrase in medical terms.
The nodes biopsy hauled out 5 and 4 came back positive with the 5th showing signs of being 'annoyed'...clearly another medical term for "Not happy Jan!'
This afternoon, I am being 'rushed' in for a full body cat scan and on Monday a bone scan is to be done.  The medical team were hoping for both scans to be done tomorrow so they could have the results to be back for the conference being held prior to our meeting Monday afternoon.  Alas, they will only have the CT scan.
The doctor was truly fantastic in her delivery of how things had gone and she gave me time to try and catch my breath again. 
Once we had finished talking, my Breast Care Nurse called and confirmed the appointments, requirements for them and then asked the important questions - "How are you feeling??"  - shell shocked again but to be honest, I had a 'feeling' that there would be more to come.
So, come Monday - a new ball game will begin and this time the team and I will be going in to win the game! 

Oh yes by the way - the scars have healed amazingly.  had 1 really rough day out which had me in tears, I found as long as me and my new best friend - my little u-shaped pillow go everywhere together - I am comfortable. 

Hope you are all coping with the lock-downs and life is throwing you giggles, chuckles and laughter.
Lois xx


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    Best wishes @LoisLois for speedy  and good results. I had a lot of ‘irritated’ lymph nodes - all removed but biopsies post-op indicated that only the known, pre-op biopsied, one was malignant. The rest were just reacting to the one malignant node. So fingers crossed your ‘annoyed’ node is the same. I am so amazed at all of you coping with diagnosis and treatment AND a pandemic! Power to you all. 
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    @Afraser - 'power to us all' indeed! Having adjusted to a new reality, aka, the roller coaster ride that is BC we are all adjusting to another new reality - I have an image of those Russian nesting dolls and feel as though I can identify with Alice as she went through the Looking Glass. By contrast this forum is GOLD! I had to have a small procedure last week and it threw me off kilter. @LoisLois make sure you stay in touch, many of us have been through the scanning procedures but maybe not in the midst of a pandemic. At the risk of sounding trite we are in this together! xxxxxxx
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    Hang in there. Similar story to me - lumpectomy, nodes out - nasty surprises, in for full body CT and bone scan, back for mastectomy and full axilla clearance. I too felt there was more coming so wasn’t surprised. 
    Hope you can get it all done with the pandemic that’s really mucking things up. Best wishes xx
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    Wishing you well @LoisLois take care of you.  I love the phrase by @Fraser 'Power to you!'
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    YOU HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF THE REMOTE!!!!! There had to be gold somewhere in our new reality. I agree with @ddon and when you have the bone scan tell them that you were in a lot of pain because of surgery. Would it be ok to take a couple of Panadol about half an hour prior to scan? XXXXXXX
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    All the best with your scans, @LoisLois - Gosh, you've really been on a bumpy ride so far!  Keep that great attitude & sense of humour going - as it comes in handy when you might feel down.  We have a couple of 'Funnies' posts .... jump on there for a laugh and add your own as well!  We are a pretty whacky lot - but a good laugh really helps.

    Don't forget there is the Helpline here to ring as well, if you want someone else to chat to - or just vent right here & there are sympathetic ears (who've been thru it themselves) to listen xx

    haha Well done on taking control of the remote - I did that YEARS ago! Hubby hasn't got a clue what is on - so I 'guide him' - anyway he usually falls asleep on the couch after dinner, so doesn't 'see it' anyway!  LOL

    Take care, stay well xx
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    I too had a bone scan and ct scan 5 days after my lumpectomy but the breast care nurse said it was usually requested so the doctors  knew exactly what was happening and there were no surprises. After the ct scan I was sent to have an ultrasound on my liver but not told why, apparently all was ok. But I was petrified they’d found something else. During the bone scan I was asked if I’ve ever had an operation on my nose (no) and they did an extra one on it. I haven’t found out what that was all about.  Asked the surgeon, he had no idea. For the bone scan I had to put my arms behind my head and I moved my fingers every time the machine moved.
    Good luck on Monday xx
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    Just to say I am sending every good wish to you @LoisLois.
    I love your sense of humour and I must say I think humour helps us on our journey.
    We all have our cries or down time, but hopefully not for long, and we pick up that remote again! 
    Thinking of you for next week and keep posting, we are here for you!
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    The power of taking over that remote was exhilarating!  @shaz68 - Love Grace and Frankie!!!
    Thank you for the compliments ladies. 
    Have a groovy weekend and keep smiling!

    big Hugs from Lois, The Remote Control Holder!

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             You are   ;    
    from jennyss in Westerrn NSW
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    Take care @LoisLois, I love your sense of humour, I think it really does aid your recovery too. xox
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    Fingers and toes crossed for you @LoisLois xxx