Panic attacks in the wee hours

tsjlhm Member Posts: 14
Hi, is anyone awake? I keep waking up when the house is quiet every morning and I just feel so panicked I can’t even lie still. I want to scream and cry. I feel so frightened. Just diagnsosed. Anyone awake too?


  • kezmusc
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    Good morning lovely.  Try not to panic.  What you are feeling is normal.  All those cancery thoughts running through your head. This is the reason Night Howls came to be.  Lots of sleeplessness goes along with the ride I am afraid.  It will get better.  You will get through this mess and you will be ok.  Promise. 
  • tsjlhm
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    Thanks. Feeling a little better. I’m out walking it off. A friend suggested swearing if slow breathing didn’t help so that gave me a giggle. She reckons the trick is to enunciate and be creative.
    Thanks for support. It feels like dumping on people but it really helps right now.
  • MumofAsh
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    Chin up love 💖 I spent many weeks without proper sleep after my diagnosis. My mind would NOT shut off. I couldnt possibly process all that was happening, all that was going to happen, and worry about what might have happened if I hadn't found out when I did. I started a journal.  It helped a little to get it out.  And helps now to read how far Ive come in 7.5 mths. Be assured you are never alone. Reach out, and someone will offer a hand. And know, it will get easier. Hugs xoxoxox
  • primek
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    I found reading...not googling helpful.
    Other can download some apps with relaxation talks to help you. The more you do them the better you get at it.
    Mindshift is one.
    Smiling minds is another. Both free apps.
    CALM is also good...this one has some parts free but others for nominal fees. 
  • Zoffiel
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    Isn't it interesting, that physical sensation of fear? I wake, not remembering a nightmare or bad dream, feeling like I am fleeing from lions. I can't run so, obviously, I'm doomed.
    Thing is, I feel this fear in my body, not my mind. It's not in my head, it runs up and down my torso. 
    This is now a familiar but unwelcome addition to the great cancer cluster fuck. I try to logic my way through it (there are no lions in the bedroom) but I'm yet to figure it out. Mxx