Painful breast pre treatment



  • LoisLois
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    I was diagnosed in February 2020 with Stage 1 Grade 3 aggressive Non Specific Breast Cancer.  Next week I am due for surgery exactly 5 weeks after it was confirmed. My lump is situated in the upper quadrant (chest wall area) of my Left breast and I too have been wondering about the CONSTANT ache that originates from the lump and trails down to the left side of my breast and underneath.  I have been put on some pain killers to help out the pain as there are times it literally stops me in my tracks and takes the breath away.  I believe it is caused from the rapid growth and it affecting the nerves and muscles being stretched around the lump.  Check with your GP or Breast Care Nurse if it is hurting too much and one thing I did find that helped was if sitting - putting a folded over pillow under the breast and around the side to "lift" the tissue to ease the pain.  I wish you a swift recovery and send my hugs xx