Is anyone Type 2 Diabetes with diet control and Diaformin/Metformin Tablets, not on insulin?

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Just wondering if anyone has Type 2 Diabetes and on Diamformin/Metformin tablets & diet control, rather than insulin?  Or a partner who is?

My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic & his levels are a tad high just now.  I'll be getting him to the Dr for further tests in the next day or so - but am just wondering what your diet is & exercise regime?   Feel free to PM me if you'd like.

His Diabetes is almost certainly as a result of his stomach cancer surgery & chemo 10 years ago - he was diagnosed as Diabetic about 3-4 years ago.  He only weighs 55kg & is already a life long athlete and still relatively fit, (tho slowing down now with age at 83.)  We also have a pretty healthy diet - all of which are mentioned when blood sugar levels go up.   grrrr

Any info appreciated, thanks xx


  • iserbrown
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    Oh damn!  That's hard yards having levels out of sorts. No I can't offer anything but your post reminded me of the trial that was on offer when I was diagnosed - metformin and tamoxifen.
  • Hendrix
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    I’m type 2 on metformin...but was pre cancer...but during chemo it spiked pretty high 30 from memory...once I finished chemo it was pretty hard to keep it down...I found removing all carbs helped me and the blood sugar diet by Dr Mosley...good luck x
  • arpie
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    Thanks for that, @Hendrix.  He’s been out on a different tablet that is a mix of diaformin and something else ... he’ll be tested again in 2 months