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Is there anyone under 30 in Perth recently diagnosed with bc?



  • TamlynTamlyn Member Posts: 7
    Hi @Ashley,

    I’m 28 I was diagnosed on the 11th of November 2019. I’m living in Busselton and being treated in Bunbury but have to go to Perth for some appointments. I don’t know the lingo as it’s all very fresh. I was diagnosed with stage 2 ductal er+ and pr+ breast cancer. I’ve had the lumpectomy and spoken to the team. They have suggested I do radiation and take tamoxifen for 5 years. They also suggested I do chemo but have left the decision up to me. If I do chemo I will need to freeze my eggs. I have had an appointment at KEMH regarding freezing my eggs. I know our circumstances are very different but I completely understand being the youngest one in the waiting room and looking at statistics that aren’t even relevant to you because the ‘normal’ age of being diagnosed with bc is 40. 

    Im very unsure if I should do chemo or if I should just do the radiation  and tamoxifen. If anyone has any info that could make my decision easier please feel free to contact me. @ashley if you would like someone to chat to I’m here :) 

    I have a very strong support base and everyone has been wonderful. I’ve been very lucky x
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