Has anyone heard about the Keto diet helping to fight tumours?



  • primek
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    My thoughts are the time for supliments in general is following chemo. Vit C for instance can protect cells...which means could protect cancer cells. I didn't want to risk taking anything that would prevent the chemo killing off cancer cells.
  • TonyaM
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    You might find you can’t get much past your tongue whilst on chemo anyway.I couldn’t even drink water let alone a supplement! My journey with bc started in 2003 and I’ve been around ALOT of women with breast cancer in the last 16yrs and have only ever met 1 obese woman.Everyone else,either average or slim and most ate a healthy diet.Sure,eat healthy to feel good but don’t think it’s going to prevent bc. The stress of obsessing about a diet is more likely to do that!