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    Awesome messages. Thank you so much to those all of you. I am sooo much more comfortable chatting on line than in person. Comments of other sole travellers make me laugh, we humans are so complex aren’t we! One of my girlfriends told me last night, Cathrine, you didn’t even have to ask for help, you just had to say yes! That changed the way I have started to think about my journey. I can be less angry with everyone (why I am doing this I do not know). I do think I will try to be more accepting in the future of “sharing” my journey.
    yes this is my first year on anastrazol , I’ve done a bit of swapping between that and tamoxifen. Absolutely no libido on either, the pain has fallen on me like an avalanche in the past two months. Previously I’ve had little to no pain at all. 
    Im quite an anxious person so I’ve also been on an antidepressant for that for many years. I’m wearing myself down on my dosage of that so that’s all contributing to my discombobulation 😂.
    im 57, but I’m struggling to find meaning at times. I’m optimistic but am feeling a bit like I’ve come unmoored from the dock!!
    i was interested in the comment about magnesium, I didn’t know about that so I might try rubbing some of that on.
    So happy to have found you all, thank You!
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