Feelings and waiting..



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    @aussiee13 It sounds to me like you are handling this really well! I get the feeling you're a communicator, and so benefit from good conversation round what's worrying you. Here, with your doctors, with the BC survivor you met. Keep talking! I'm someone who likes to talk things out. My breast surgeon was very patient with me and my almost endless questions! It always helps me to understand the steps, and the why of the steps. So kerp plugging away until you feel clear and comfortable about what's happening.

    We're all here for you. You've got this. Big hug, K xox
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    You are so right @kmakm, I do benefit from communication and it's very important in my work also that I communicate well.  This is how I like to learn also, reading has its benefits, but talking to, and learning from people who have been there helps me much more.  That way I can weigh up the pros and cons, hear the good and the bad in each option. I am still very unclear with the direction I will be taking but it can't be too far off to that decision :/ 
    I got another booking for my colonoscopy which isn't until November, so I accepted it, but am unsure if I can take it.  Everything is hanging now on decisions :-) I just want to get this show on the road - too much time has been given to me to think.
    Hope you are all doing well today xx