Kisquali and Xgeva

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Hi everyone, 
I’m starting Kisquali tablets and Xgeva injections next Tuesday. 
I’m already having Zoladex injections and take Aromasin 1 x day. 
I was wondering what side effects anyone has experienced with Xgeva and Kisquali?  
My oncologist told me that Kisquali could cause sore hands and feet, nausea and low blood counts. I’m to take it for 3 weeks and have a week off, and recommence the cycle again.( He told me it’s not chemo, but it sounds a lot like it to me.)
Would appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks Deanna. 


  • Ali55Ali55 MelbourneMember Posts: 6
    Hi Kiahdee I forgot to mention that yes I do have a drop in white blood cells most cycles but it usually jumps back up within a couple of days and I have not had any more colds than usual ! Best wishes Ali

  • KiahdeeKiahdee Member Posts: 9
    Thanks Ali, 
    Thats very comforting. That makes me feel better coming into next week, when it all starts. No wonder you would have liked that response last year. 
    Im so pleased your responding well. 
    Here’s to living! 
    Deanna. 😄
  • PalmbeachprincessPalmbeachprincess Member Posts: 13

    i was on zolodex, massive needle, luckily I have plenty of tummy roles so was nt too painful. I opted to have my ovaries removed so no longer require zolodex. 
    I also have xgeva monthly. Easy, in the tummy. No side effects from either. 
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