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I have just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in my spine, it seems to be just in one spot L1 however I'm still waiting on PET scan results.  It all feels a bit weird not sure how too feel about it all.  I'm on regular pain relief but the pain at the moment is a bit dodgy so any ideas on managing without using too much extra medication?


  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,555
    I created an essential oil mix which worked well for my breast pain but unless you have the oils it isn’t worth buying and trying as everyone responds so differently to remedies. My mix was frankincense, Rosemary and lavender. I put three drops of each into a SMALL bottle (maybe 2ml.) and topped it up with a cheaper cold pressed oil, coconut, almond, apricot, All will work. I then just put a couple drops onto the painful area and lightly rubbed in. If you don’t have the oils then don’t buy them as it is a costly experiment. All the best. Big hugs, cause they always help! xxx
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,903
    Just be a wee bit careful with lavender. Studies are not conclusive but suggest that if you have ER+ BC you should avoid it.
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    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis @Nean .  Message sent
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    I am also sorry to hear of your diagnosis too, @Nean. I was diagnosed de novo metastatic three years ago and I feel that it has taken me until this year to feel more comfortable about living with metastatic breast cancer. I would strongly suggest talking to a counsellor/psychologist to help work through your feelings.

    As for the pain medication, I too found it really difficult to admit to myself that I was in a lot of pain and needed a lot of pain relief to manage it. I think it is a societal pressure that we appear stronger if we avoid pain relief. However, as metastatic patients with bone mets, we can experience a lot more pain than the general public and it is important to recognise that getting our pain under control can improve our quality of life. There were times that I was worried about becoming "addicted" but I realise now that I needed to shift my thinking.

    I would also strongly suggest that you take everything that your oncologist/pain management team/GP has recommend for your pain, on a regular basis. If it doesn't improve then you must discuss with them that the pain relief is not sufficient. You need to get the balance right so that you do not feel any pain (it is possible). If you try to push through, then you will feel tired, stressed, irritable and still in pain. 

    I apologise if I come across as being "preachy" but I have been in your exact situation and I wish that I could tell this all to my former self :smiley:

    Best of luck on becoming pain free,
    Rachelle xo
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    Somebody here said a nurse once told them there is no clinical purpose for pain. Take the meds. I don't like it, but most nights now I take panadol osteo for my AI bone pain. I can get by most days without pain relief, but at night time it prevents me from falling asleep and can be quite depressing. When it's really bad I take an Endone. I sleep better so I function better the next day and so am easier to live with. Do what's right for you but there's no honour to suffering when you don't have to. K xox
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    The only purpose I know of for pain is to alert you that something is not right.  You know that so the pain alarm is unnecessary.  As long as the medication/dosage is not doing you other harm, what is the point in trying to be strong?
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