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This is the first time I've posted anything but I don't know who else to turn to. I initially had early breast cancer June 2010, treated with lumpectomy, lymph node clearance left arm,chemo and radiation. Took tamoxifan for 6 years. Got to my 5 years and me and everyone else went "woohoo!!". Planned the rest of my life with my loving husband and two wonderful sons. 
Then a month ago I got sick whilst on holiday overseas. Came back home to a battery of tests..the PET scan shows mets in lymph nodes and bones. This wasn't supposed to happen!! I  start agressive chemo next week knowing now that I will be lucky to survive 5 years. I am 61. I  just don't know what to do, my family and friends of course are supportive but I can't get through these dark feelings of despair. 
Does anyone have advice??


  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,592
    Sorry to hear this @Kats162.  All I can say is take it as it comes - no-one can predict how long you have.
  • Kats162Kats162 Member Posts: 9
    Thankyou all for your kind thoughts. As Blossom suggested I am trying to keep occupied until chemo next Tuesday. I only had 4 cycles last time but I know this time is different and I will likely have treatment in some form or another for the rest of my life. It is a shitty disease that creeps up when least expected!
    Thankyou for yhe hugs and support xx😍
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    My heart breaks for you - and who knows if we may be next.  This disease is rampant and does not care who it attacks and how often.  Sending big hugs to you.  Please keep in touch.
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    @Kats162 I am with you in spirit! Got back from an O/s trip in June having suffered onset of lymphoedema while away. Everyone put it down to the flying/pressure changes, but my (lovely) surgeon sent me for an ultrasound just to rule out anything sinister. Trouble is it didn't rule it out at all - just exposed it. Now I'm waiting for results of core biopsy and trying to mentally gird my loins for the coming battle. Am anticipating loads more tests in my near future, almost certainly more surgery and chemo. It's a good job we're strong and have a sense of humour!
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