Searching for anyone diagnosed with BC in the early to mid 1980s

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In 1984 two day before my 29 th birthday, i had my right breast and glands under my right arm removed. I'm searching for anyone who was also diagnosed with breast cancer in the reply to mid 1980s, to compare notes about how they did cope and any effects physical or psychological they carry today.



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    Both my brother's mothers in law had BC in the mid 80s and they've lead full and productive lives ever since, without recurrence. Tho one had successful bowel cancer surgery 5 years ago.  The other now has dementia and is in care.  They are in their 90s now - being in their 60s when diagnosed.  They had mastectomies and then on tamoxifen for 10 years.

    According to their daughters - they've not had any real physical or psychological burdens that they shared with them.
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