How do you know if its progressing?

elisewjkelisewjk BrisbaneMember Posts: 27
Hi Everyone, just a bit of a dumb question... I'm Stage 4 De Novo with bone/spine mets. I've been on Letrozole/Ribociclib/Denosumab for about 7 months now. I'm having restaging scans every 3 months... The first set of restaging scans showed "significant improvement" in my breast tumour and no further commentary re lymph node or spine mets. I'm about to go in for my 2nd restaging scans in about 2 weeks time. I don't feel much different than before I was diagnosed (except from the side effects of these drugs). So far, so good :) I'm just wondering, aside from results that may show on scans/blood tests, do you feel any different when the cancer starts to progress please? Should I be looking out for something? Pain? Or something else? What else have people encountered please? Any experiences shared would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,959
    I haven't personally experienced it but I know that some ladies have reported new pain in a different location. Some nothing at all. 
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,203
    hi Elisewjk, 
    I am not mets 
    but wonder if you are part of the mets group ?

    you might get more information from the group 

  • angg66angg66 Melbourne VicMember Posts: 182
    I just started getting back pain that didn't go away. At first I thought it was muscular, but after months of physio, I asked my oncologist for an MRI. It was mets in my lower spine. But some women experience no pain. It really depends. 
  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member Posts: 189
    I was one of those women with no pain, no feeling of being unwell, no inkling at all that the cancer had come back. I thankfully still feel really well halfway through my second cycle of Xeloda for a secondary to my lymph nodes and a spot at the base of my neck C7. I guess we just have to make certain to get checked if there is anything that doesn't feel right or persists longer than it should, for me I was just lucky that my yearly scans in late March picked up the change in my nodes. My check in January was all clear so this re diagnosis came as a massive shock! If you feel well and strong hold onto that and try not to factor in what ifs because they're what do our heads in. I get rescanned in about 5 weeks and am already anxious about it but in reality I can't change the outcome, just have to trust that my treatment is controlling the spread of this hideous disease.
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