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Low white blood cell count

AngeloAngelo PerthMember Posts: 28
Hi Everyone, I’m still relatively new at this Stage 4 journey. I’m on Ribociclib and  Anastrolze and commenced this combo end of 2018. I have a tumour on my lung and the results from treatment have been positive to date. My latest visit to my Oncologist has resulted in a very low white blood cell count and a temporary break from treatment. I am feeling quite anxious and fragile at the moment without the treatment, even though I dread taking the treatment due to the fatigue ... sort of crazy huh 🤪. I think I may have reached a vulnerable stage that I’m actually fighting for my life against this shit of a disease. I have good professional and personal support around me, however I feel desperate for answers, hope and some positive affirmations from people who REALLY understand living with Stage 4. 


  • Patti JPatti J Member Posts: 589
    Hi @Angelo. I also have stage 4. However, I  am on Palbociclib and Letrozole. At the end of every cycle, I  have low white cells and neutrophils. This just means that the start of my next cycle is delayed till the next week, or longer, depending on whether there is an increase in my white cells and neutrophils.
    I started on the highest dose of Palbociclib. I am now on the lowest dose.
    I feel well. I exercise, socialise, work.
    Cancer is not going to stop me from doing anything!
  • SilbaSilba SydneyMember Posts: 113
    Hi @Angelo ,

    I also have stage 4 , i'm on tamoxifen and Xgeva and prednisone , while my white cells are ok, my thyroid is borderline due to the treatment so monitoring that , only finished active treatment February 2019.

    I have gone through the vulnerable , s..t this is not going away stage , just hang in there , my husband , my boys and dog and cat have been my rock , so lean on your support group , it does pass and you'll be fighting back soon.

    I'm negotiating with work about going back part time ( due to fatigue and crappy lungs)  , exercise every day and socialise ( with people I know I won't tell off ) 

    We don't know how long we have , so we have to make it count.

    It's ok to feel this way.

    Take care 

  • maggie14maggie14 Melbourne Member Posts: 22
    Hi @Angelo I have been stage 4 since January 2016 , and on Ribociclib and Aromasin for 15 months . I had my dosage reduced down to 2 tabs because of low white blood cell count.
    I feel well , but fatigue is a problem not just from the Ribociclib but from pain meds as well. I try to walk every day, and push to do and make the most of every day.
    This is my life now and and I think its very normal to feel anxious about treatment , ask for help when needed and lean on your support, it helps me to be positive about every thing again.

    Take care
  • AngeloAngelo PerthMember Posts: 28
    Hi Maggie, thanks for your message and sharing your Stage 4 life. I am trying to get on the healthy eating and exercise regime, however the fatigue is getting the better of me at present. I am usually a lot more positive...tomorrow is another day x
  • elisewjkelisewjk BrisbaneMember Posts: 42
    Hi @Angelo, I started my journey here in Oct 2018. I'm on letrozole, ribociclib and denosumab. Its taken 6 months of trial and error with changing blood test results and for my immunity levels to "sort of" settle. I'm now on the lowest dose of ribociclib. So far, my results have been positive and my fatigue factor only really gets me on my "rest week" from the ribociclib funnily enough. I'm learning that eating well and exercise, walking, walking, walking, is helping me very much to cope with the fatigue. My first restaging scans showed "significant improvement" in my breast tumour but remained silent about my lymph nodes and spine tumours - so we took that as a win :) I'm going for another round of restaging scans in approx 3 weeks, so it will be interesting to see what they show - I'm trying not to dwell/worry too much about that, but it is hard. I'm still working full time, because I can and because I want to. And otherwise, I try to keep as busy as I can with all the things in life that I enjoy and care about, no time to waste anymore :) I live in a lovely suburb with lots of lakes around, so I try and do at least a 30min walk every day/every other day or more when I can. It does really help. Put on your ipod with your favourite music and off you go... I has really helped me. Hang in there, big hugs to you (()) Cheers xo
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