Has anyone tried acupuncture for lymph build-up ?



  • June1952
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    Thank you, Anne (@BlackWidow) for letting others know about my acupuncture.  I am doing really well with the Lymphoedema and the arthritis pain - nothing happening most days !  Apart from the dry eyes issue being resolved I have found I no longer have fluid build-up in the ankles.
    @kmakm - I find the one near the thumb is the only one I really feel.  Last visit she has 19 needles in me as I asked her to count them as she removed them. 
    I am going each fortnight and that seems to be keeping me feeling so much better.  It may extend to every 3 weeks once she gets my body sorted.  Ha Ha.
    My lady is a qualified and registered doctor of chinese medicine.
    For those who are concerned, no needles are placed anywhere near the Lymphoedema and as they use wipes prior to inserting the needles the risk of infection is very low.
    Hope this helps others.  Acupuncture is worth a go.