Timeline on treatment



  • Chelley59
    Chelley59 Member Posts: 55
    What hours do you work and how will you work around it....if i go back to work i would have to do all afternoon shifts....im not even sure what hours rad onc is open to.
  • Mjheke
    Mjheke Member Posts: 78
    I work 7am-3pm so will go after work. I have been told the early and morning appointments are popular, so hopefully I will be fine.
    Work has been fantastic as I have already had to say I can’t work a few times at short notice or change my hours to fit around appointments. I am lucky they are being supportive. I also know that if I am not up to working I can just say I am not coming in that day. I am slowly accumulating sick leave again. 
  • Sarnicad
    Sarnicad Member Posts: 318
     I’m nearly to the end of my rads only 4 more to go and had a variety of appointment times the key is to start the conversation for preferences early!  This week I have herceptin Friday morning so requested a late afternoon appointment for radiation which I’ve been given. The rest of them I asked for after 2 when I was notionally finishing work at 1pm generally they will try to accomodate you especially if they know you are working.