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Weight!!! Non exisitant metabolism - hoping to find someone like me!

Bowie2015Bowie2015 Member Posts: 7
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hi ladies,
I was diagnosed with stage 3 estrogen positive BC three and a half years ago start of 2015. Whilst I was finishup up my treatment (surgery, chemo, radio, exmestane, more surgery), my thyroid stopped working and I was then diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, they are not sure how/why it was brought on.
Then after all that I was diagnosed with the BRCA 2 gene a year and a half after my initial diagnosis so after having an initial double mastectomy, I then had a preventative total hysterectomy and oopherectomy and take an estrogen blocker for 10 years so I really dont feel very female anymore :( I went into a chemical menopause in 2015 and then in 2016 I went into a surgical one.
All of this happened in my late 30’s and my weight has really suffered for it, as a result I have very bad self esteem and it also does not help my husband cheated on me with two of my friends after I was diagnosed and just 6 months after we were married in 2016, we have a little son so I’ve stayed - it’s a daily battle for me though.
My metabolism is non exisitant and so I am hoping to find other women with the same make up of ‘issues’ as me (without the infidelity) to see how they are managing.

is there anyone out there with:

1). estrogen positive breast cancer
2). that’s had a total hysterectomy, 
3). that has hashis 
4). is on an estrogen blocker?

praying there is.....


  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,973
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    Three out of four Bowie, sorry. I haven't had a hysterectomy. My suggestion would be to ask your treating team for a recommendation to a dietician and an oncology exercise physiologist. Then speak to your GP about care plans so you can get the Medicare rebate.

    I'm about to start a three month free exercise program courtesy of ExMed (a study on integrating exercise into cancer treatment) and am recomitting to healthy eating. Let's see if I can get my weight down any more... K xox
  • FinchFinch MelbourneMember Posts: 302
    @Bowie2015 sending you all the hugs.  Your husband needs a big kick up the backside.  
    I have the oestrogen positive breast cancer and I'm on hormone inhibitors.  
    You take care xxxx
  • kmcin28kmcin28 Member Posts: 53
    I have also had three out of the four Bowie although my hysterectomy was many years ago, today I had to have a biopsy on my thyroid after an abnormality showed during a ct scan. More waiting and worrying. I am nearly at the end of active treatment for BC two more herceptins to go, I will be on leterazole for the next 5 years. You do seem to lose the feeling of femininity, I hate the rapid growth of facial hair and managing it. My husband has formed a friendship with a young female colleague at his workplace that I do worry about but for the last few weeks I have been caring for my Mother, she had a triple bypass 5 weeks ago so have been preoccupied with that. I wonder if there is a link between thyroid conditions and bc.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,883
    Interesting that you are asking about links between thyroid & BC @kmcin28  .... my surgeon is a breast cancer & thyroid specialist - that's all he does .... so there could well be a link.  :(   All the best for the results of your biopsy.  As you say, more waiting & worrying!  :(   You have enough on your plate just now.

    @Bowie2015 - Wow - you sure have been thru the mill!  :(   And sadly your husband's behaviour has added to the stress of the whole thing.  Do what you have to do FOR YOU .... look after yourself and your child as that is your priority just now.  It might be a good idea to ask the GP for a referral to a head shrink as well - just to talk everything thru - you are going thru a lot of collateral damage as a result of your surgeries & treatment & they may be able to help you with your mindset.

    As @kmakm said - see if there is an oncology exercise program out there that you can attend or something similar that you can attend - gentle exercise to start off with, then more muscle/weight as you are up to it.  Even just getting out & walking around the block every day would be a great start - it is still seen as one of the best exercises ever - as you go at your own rate & just extend the walk as you feel up to it.

    I agree with @Finch too!  ;)  A good boot up the bum!

  • Bowie2015Bowie2015 Member Posts: 7
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    Thanks ladies, my hashimotos diagnosis happened shortly after completion of my 5 weeks radiation. They aren’t sure of what brought it on, either the intensive treatment of chemo and radio or maybe even the thyroid got fried by the radio but the radio oncologist says that the radio didn’t touch my thyroid, it got super close but didn’t actual cover it. Who knows, I just got super tired, blew up like a blowfish in the face, cried at everything and my legs appeared to have bruises everywhere - very strange so I went and got a blood test and my levels were so bad that the pathologist called my doc and said I should have been in a coma with my results - I cried with relief as I knew it would get better because I wouldn’t be stuck feeling so bad!
    anyways it’s all sorted now, I was on thyroxine but switched to desicated thyroid....works well and blood tests reveal I’m where I should be.
    But my weight.....ohhhhh my weight, I feel so bad and I just can’t shake it - I feel like if I could just be thin again, I’d be a whole lot better, not 100% of course after what we endure with this horrible disease but a very significant amount better, at least I’d have some self esteem.
    Doctors just keep telling me I’m unlucky and it’s really unfair for me (no sh*) because I’m in early onset menopause, I have thyroid problems giving me an underactive thyroid and we cant put estrogen back into me via HRT due to estrogen positive BC.
    they say they wish they could help but they can’t offer anything, I’m stuck.
    I have been on Keto, I know it inside out and was even doing ketone blood test readings to ensure I was in ketosis, along with that I was PT with a professional trainer at a gym 5 x days per week and very strict on the Keto food, it was calorie controlled and under 1700 Cals a day for 5 months and nothing....maybe 2 kilos.
    I feel like a walking fat robot. IF ONLY THERE WAS A MAGIC PILL 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,973
    Ah Bowie it truly sucks arse, doesn't it? I'm in the same boat, except you wouldn't class my menopause as early. But I was still menstruating before cancer so I feel well and truly dudded.

    I need to lose about another 15kgs to get out of the overweight range into normal. Talk about pushing shit uphill... But I'm going to try.

    I'm starting the ExMed Cancer programme the week after next. An hour long exercise session three times a week for three months. I've got one more appointment with my dietician in this year's care plan, so I'll get an eating plan for this level of exercise (I have to do 150 mins per week of cardio as well). I'm gonna give it a red hot crack.

    Have you got an idea of what you're going to try next?
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