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Greetings All,

Have not blogged in a looong while, I've been plodding along well, just coping with long periods of extreme bordom. 9th of August I had my expanders removed and got my wonderful silicon, was very happy with the result (although I am slightly pointing to the right, but I think that is something I can only notice).

I have occupied myself with trips to the gym, a raging addiction to Cityville on Facebook and I have started to gear up for PINKTOBER, organising a raffle and donation tins in my local area to raise funds for our local Sunshine Coast BC charity the Cindy MacKenzie foundation (my store manager has even given me the go ahead to dye my hair pink for the month). Would of liked to go back to work earlier but as I had salary insurance (paid for by work) I was not allowed back until I could get 100% clearance (more or less they want me to be able to lift 15kg),so after 4 months off I am finally allowed to go back Monday next week...........Thank god for that.. I played my first game of indoor netball tonight and am going to give paddleing a go with Dragonsabreast (hopefully starting next Tuesday). This journey has made me stronger and more aware, I have learnt to treat my body better, I am fitter now than I have been all my life and I now have a healthy diet (pre bc i lived on gingerkisses and microwave sausagerolls............there are days that I miss my gingerkisses but as for the sausagerolls just thinking about them makes my stomach turn). Well I hope everyone is happy and as healthy as they can be given the circumstances. I shall end this here otherwise I will send everyone to sleep with my mindless chatter (of course if you have not already fallen asleep).

Take Care


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    Hi Kim

    So pleased to hear how well you are doing.  Returning to work is a great return to 'normal' - albeit a new normal life post bc!!  I am inspired by your committment to your fitness and will endeavour to do the same as soon as I have the all clear.  A week tomorrow since I had my new silicone implants and I too love the wonders that my plastic surgeon has achieved.  Thanks for your advice re recovery time . It was just as you said... I am driving and will be going back to work on Thursday.  I think its fabulous that you are going to dye your hair pink , I hope you raise a ton of money!!xx