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I have extolled the value of walking for me whilst on Letrozole for many reasons not the least being joint pain.Been having a bit of knee pain this week that was lingering  , my old sneakers were somewhat worn so bought new shoes and things seem much better. I may have learnt a lesson about the importance of supportive footwear and their impact on my joints too.


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    Good tip @Romla! I have a dodgy big toe that used to give me a lot of trouble if I walked too far, too fast or on concrete. Then I started bushwalking and got some heavy duty hiking shoes. They give such good support that my toe pain is now no longer a problem.  :)
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    Hey Romla,  do you do ITB stretches?  I found when I was walking/jogging a lot I was getting knee pain and the two causes were poorly fitting shoes and not doing ITB stretches.  :) 
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    Thanks @Mira - no idea about ITB stretches so no but will try to find online. What does ITB stand for ?
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    I find that if my feet are really tired or sore for whatever reason giving them a roll out on a spiky ball is the best thing. You can get them from physios or osteos in soft or hard and if if you have ticklish feet, push harder on the ball. A tennis ball would do the job too. 
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    ITB - Iliotibial band - the set of muscles on the side of your thighs, from your hip to your knee. if you have a foam roller you can roll your outer leg up and down to give it a massage. If it's really sore, it's tight and believe me it will be. It's well worth doing your quads (front of thigh) with your feet straight, froggy position (toes outwards, this massages your adductors your inner thigh muscles) and toes pointed inwards. If going on your ITBs is too strong with both legs straight, have your bottom leg straight and your top bent in front of your straight leg and planted on the floor to alleviate the pressure on the ITB whilst you are rolling up and down on it, until it starts to release (as in the pain eases slightly or you've had enough!) - this will take a time as in weeks depending on how often you do this. If you find a really tight spot at any point stop there and rock from left to right to help release that area and then go back to rolling up and down. You can get foam rollers at Rebel Sport and you can find various exercises to do on them on the net or it may come with a booklet too. Have fun!
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    Thankyou @Mira and @Artferret heading off to Rebel Sport tomorrow! Walking matters a great deal to me for many reasons and keen to minimise problems.
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    Wow, thanks ladies. I thought it was just me ! I've been on letrozole for only 3 weeks and the ITB has been so tight and painful .I also have a dodgy big toe @Deanne and realised my runners aren't very supportive either. I enacted the 5 medicare funded physio visits, which we are entitled to, and the physio has given me some exercises to do including toe raises and hip raises.She also looked at my Sketchers and said whilst they are comfy , they aren't very supportive :( .
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    Agree about @skechers great casual shoes but not for serious walking. My husband got into serious problems with his feet after walking 20 km per day inspired by the Fitbit the kids bought him for Christmas . He was wearing old New Balance sneakers not designed for an overpronator - he now wears ASICS recommended by the podiatrist - expensive but a happy Chappy now..I’m wearing some Rockport lace ups that my kids are appalled by but they were also recommended by the Podiatrist.
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    I do a great deal of walking and find Brooks Ariel shoes (I'm a pronater) to be absolutely superb. When I go to replace them I always try on other brands but none come close.
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    For many years, I was wearing el cheapo Kmart/Target sandshoes but then, after a traumatic event, I started walking to overcome anxiety and had to get new shoes.  I happened to see some Asics on sale (my size, amazingly) and bought them.  The difference was incredible.  Unfortunately, I've walked them into the ground and now have to get some more.
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    Another handy exercise product... *rolls eyes*

  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,234

    They got to be kidding right !!!! 

  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,661
    I have NO WORDS @SoldierCrab...
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    You can purchase on ebay
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    OH dear .... I will be discussing tablets with the onc specialist in Taree in 4 weeks ...... I am already full of arthritis - shocking pain in my hands (specially the thumbs - I can't even undo a water bottle lid!)   I also have stuffed knees & hips - and thought I was getting gout the other day my big toe was SO sore!  (Luckily it came good!)

    My main exercise is in my pedal kayak .... not weight bearing like walking - but I can do it ALL DAY!   :) 

    SO .... is Letrozole better for aches & pains than Tamoxifen?  I understand Letrozole can give you weaker bones, but Tamoxifen gives more 'menopause' symptoms - and I had SO MUCH FUN with all that 20 years ago!   NOT!  :(  I reckon I had some of the worst menopause symptoms for 10 years!  grrrr  I am NOT keen on getting them back again for another 5 years!
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