Is it possible for a 16-year-old to get breast cancer?

I'm 16 and have a family history of breast cancer. My mother carried both the BRCA 1 & 2 genes (and was diagnosed during her mid-thirties) from my nan, who had breast cancer three times. I've been checking my breasts regularly from the age of 13 (at my pop's suggestion), and have recently noticed a small lump underneath my left nipple, as well as discharge from my nipple, a rash around it and a painful breast. Is it possible for me to have breast cancer at this age?


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    I'm no expert @tallytubby2001 but ANY breast changes should be checked out.  If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind as you are going to worry about it if you don't.  So, please, go to your GP and if you need to, insist on getting it thoroughly checked.
    Best Wishes for you
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    Thank you. I'm very worried, and I'm making an appointment for the GP when I have my next spare moment.
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    Keep an eye out on this discussion - I'm sure one of the moderators will be in touch with you soon. @Giovanna_BCNA @Marianne_BCNA?
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    Hi @tallytubby2001
    I will send you a pm
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    The youngest I have known is 12 :(
    please get it checked
     im sure the wonderful administrators here can offer you advice
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    @tallytubby2001 go see your gp and get it checked for peace of mind
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    Best wishes for your appointment, hoping all goes well for you xx
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    Keep us posted @tallytubby2001. Thinking of you x
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    Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow <3 
     I have everything crossed for you xx
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    GoodGoo hear that you've got an appointment so quickly. Hope all goes well, tomorrow. Let us know how you are going.
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    Pleased to hear that you have an appointment.  When you go, remind him of your Mum's history, and that for that reason, you want further investigation of your symptoms. Don't let him/her say you're too young. Your synptoms need investigating
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    Well done for being so brave. Good luck tomorrow and hang in there ❤
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    Please update us with your appointment. Most likely they will ultrasound just to be cautious so don't be surprised if that happens. 

    Given your history, even if all turns out perfectly okay, please ask for a review by a breast surgeon so they can plan how best to monitor you. My understanding is they start 20 years prior the age of your family members diagnosis. Mammograms aren't effective in young firmer breasts so it will be ultrasound. Also I am unsure at what age you can have the gene test done but it would be helpful to know this in case you would like that done. The breast surgeon or GP can refer you to a genetic counsellor who can clearly go through your  risks and recommendations.  Take care. Kath X
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    @primek I think @tallytubby2001 would be automatically covered for free gene test as her mum and nan both had Breast cancer? she would be classified at risk...?