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Has your Physio, Doctor, Oncologist or Surgeon recommended exercise as part of your Cancer treatment? 

Exercise has been shown to reduce side effects of treatment, such as fatigue, help your treatment be more effective, reduce your risk or recurrence and reduce your chance of dying from cancer. 

Read this interesting article about research out of University of Sydney:


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    It certainly helps my body handle Femara! I started strength training to reverse osteoporosis but it has made a huge difference to my ability to do everyday tasks too. Combined with cardio hill climbs 3 times a week it means I have energy and endurance fitness again. I just like feeling capable and well.  :)

    I like that this article stresses that exercise does not need to take a lot of time or cost money. If you like the gym that’s great but if you don’t there are things you can do yourself. It’s a good idea to get some professional advice on what to do (and how to do it) first though. I started with the PINC program and also saw an exercise physiologist. One step at a time so as to allow your body to recover.
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    That's great Deanne! I am so glad you are reaping the benefits :-) Exercise definitely can help with side effects, such as joint aches, that some hormone therapy drugs have.