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Hi Still getting my head around this  Breast cancer is it good to get second option as my Breast surgeon said it was a no brainer to get both Breast of as have cancer in both I am feeling all over the place and can not talk to people as I just burst out crying it was so hard telling the kids as they are young and its hard to explain any good surgeons in Sydney that people have seen before ,


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    Hi there @CARULO sorry to hear you’ve had to join us on this forum it’s a shitty thing to get your head around but everyone on here has a story to tell and believe me we have all been where you are now. I was diagnosed may last year with triple negative bc. Grade 3 stage 2a No lymph nodes involved and scans all clear. I had the option to keep my left boob and have chemo and radiation but took it off so I only had to have chemo (8 rounds). Then I took the other one off a preventative. Waiting now for my recon which in qld on the public list will be at least another 2 years away. I would trust the team around you they don’t take mastectomy’s lightly and if that’s what they recommend then that’s what I’d be going with. I don’t regret it at all and you might be able to get an immediate recon and do you have your treatment plan yet .? WhAt has the surgeon told you you’re options are? If you have them both off what will your treatment be ? What did your scans say? To get all your questions answered on the forum the more info you tell us the better. And if you still want a second opinion the ladies from Sydney will for sure be able to recommend someone or give you an opinion on the one you’ve seen already. Rest assured you are not alone and there are many bc survivors on here with small children who can give you heaps of valuable advice. Hope this helps please stay in touch it can be a tough journey but it’s doable xx
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    [email protected] .One thing that helped me a lot was having good information at my fingertips from the start - if you haven't got the BCNA my journey kit get it asap .I'll leave to others to guide you about surgeons in Sydney as I am interstate but finding a good one you feel safe with is critical. Rest assured there are many wise wonderful women on this blog who will do whatever they can to help and guide you - you are no longer alone. We get it as we have been there too and are still traveling thru many of us. XO
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    I had bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction done one surgery. I didn't have cancer in tbe ither breast but opted it anyway. I woukdnt hesitate if I had in both. Yes hard to accept. But often eopke who have bilateral possibly carry a faukry gene. I don't  think I coukd cope knowing mire coukd be growing. 

    Sometimes it's dcis and extensively through the breast. So best option is removal. Let the tears flow. It's normal to feel scared and starting to grieve for what you will lose. But you can get through this. We are living proof. Kath x
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    Make sure you order this. It will help.

    Also hopefully you have a breast care nurse to talk to by now. Kath x
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    Hi @CARULO, welcome to the club that no one wants to join. I’m still amazed at what people say when they aren’t the ones that have to go through it.

    I have triple positive BC with lumps found in both breasts. My surgeon gave some initial options but wanted to do chemo first. Although I responded really well to the chemo, ultimately the surgeon decided my best chances to beat this for good was a double mastectomy. She also told me how if it was her or her sister that’s what she would do. Again easy to say when you’re not doing it/living it. I decided to follow the advice and I’m now 3 days post bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction (surgeon doesn’t do it but thought it best to wait until chemo completely out of system and also if any further treatment was required). It’s definitely doable but it was a mind flip to get here. Take the time to think it over. Get a second opinion if you aren’t happy. More information can assist in making the tough decisions. For what it’s worth, I decided I couldn’t do this cancer BS again so went with the surgeon’s advice for long term odds.

    Good luck. You’ll ultimately make the right decision for you anyway. Jen xx.  
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    @CARULO   -  Hi!  Hope you are starting to get a clearer idea of where you are heading.  Your Breast Surgeon wouldn't suggest such radical surgery without a damned good reason!   Have you used this site to research a little, here's a link that might help with your understanding of the type of Breast Cancer you have been diagnosed with

    Within this link you can click on to order your My Journey Kit (which is free) unless of course you're already organised with that

    Also you mentioned young children so perhaps you may want to join one of the groups so that you can natter in private with those similar age and similar circumstance to yourself as well as researching your options

    It's all daunting however we all get it and understand your upset!  

    Take care 

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    Thanks Ladies have seen  Surgeon twice very quickly as he squeezed me in he  is away for 2 weeks have not seen a breast care nurse Surgeon never mention this   sent me for lots of blood tests and scans breast MRI CT  bone scan and gene test as my younger sister and my mum  both having Breast cancer in the last two years  also sent me to reconstruction surgeon who is going away next week for 5 weeks he has put me on Tamoxifen  my family are over seas and I am traveling to see them Christmas which was booked before this all happened Surgeon said I could still go and have op first week feb I was so shocked and so was my husband we did not ask many questions not sure what stage   I know I have 4 lumps in right breast  and 2 in  left  and there slow growing my sisters  have told me what to do  and ask the surgeon when  I see him again on 13 Dec and have just got my journey kit should get gene test back next week . Thankyou for all your kind words I was unsure of going over seas but think it would be good for me to see and talk with my family they will help look after the kids and I can rest before I  come back for big op kids will be back at school so hopefully it wont be to hard on them  xx
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    Hi @CARULO, I had my surgery going public through Auburn hospital. If you're still interested in getting a second opinion I can give you my surgeons details. She is also an oncoplastic so does all of the surgery from start to finish. I could have had my surgery closer to home but really liked my surgeons no nonsense attitude. Wishing you all the best for your decision. Xx Cath
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