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  • Moosie
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    So surgery was 16 October and radiation finished on 4 January and I’ve had three nights in hospital on iv antibiotics at end of January and I still have an infected seroma. I see the surgeon again tomorrow. It seems the cancer is ‘gone’ but the side effects from successful treatment goes on forever. 
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    Hi ladies, 
    I had a right mastectomy late November,2017 one week in public hospital as my surgeon thought there was too much fluid draining. to be discharged , otherwise I was physically fine.I was allowed to go home on the 8th day , with one drain in and  hospital in the home came daily to check the drain. At a the check up at the public clinic 5 days later the drain taken out even though there was still quit a bit of fluid draining. by then having the drain in was most uncomfortable so i was pleased. Needed to go three times to ER, Frankston,  and have the seroma drained but it eventually settled.Didn't get a prosthesis for nearly 12 weeks and have felt better since though i did use the free berlei post surgery bra daily which my wonderful breast care nurse encouraged. It has been hard to get used to the tightness though it is improving, and mainly more comfortable with the prosthesis and nice mastectomy bras. Little electric shock sensations daily which i have been told our the nerve endings repairing so maybe the strange feeling in my chest will get better as the weeks , months go by. Interested to hear how it feels as the time goes by for other women .??  it is  great to hear others experiences.
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    I had two surgeries - partial before Christmas and full mastectomy with axillary dissection just after New Year.  I found the surgeries fairly manageable and the drains came out before I came home.  Still have quite a large area of numbness under the arm and the nerve endings around it are scrambled.  The scar is good but tight even though I've been massaging it with BioOil.  I developed cording under the arm which I've got to get sorted.  Most movement is back but it pulls when I stretch in certain ways eg. I can't throw a ball anymore or deal with weight or pressure when extended.  I also get muscles straining along my side and along the underside of my upper arm - I suspect that's due to cording.  Bras drive me insane with rubbing (and pressure on the port) so only wear them when I have to.  I'm going to see the surgeon on Tuesday for a checkup so will find out the verdict on my healing, then.