Tamoxifen, Bone aches, brain fog and poor memory. Any one else experiencing these?



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    Hi @Cheryl_C " I’ve now been on Letrozole nearly 6 months - most side effects manageable now albeit have noticed a tendency to the blues/ depression setting in a bit. Walking helps I think by releasing endorphins but am concerned nonetheless as whilst I can see it am concerned if it deepens I may not. Just a thought some ladies say there is a difference in side effects between branded and unbranded because of the pill coating - in my case Femara is branded Letrozole unbranded. I sort of understand where you are coming from as a bit like the mental confusion I experienced going thru menopause - the best thing for me was to find out It was normal as I felt certifiable at times - so keep communicating on the blog as a problem shared is a problem halved .You have anonymity on this blog with a whole lot of people in the same boat willing to help if they can.