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Hi there. Very new to all of this.....diagnosed 31/5/11 DCIS & invasive, right skin sparing mastectomy on 21/6/11 with silicone implants. Unfotunately missed the surgeon before he went away for two weeks so am still awaiting appt with oncologist to see what comes next. I am frustrated with the waiting ..... & while I know every one has to wait their turn it doesn't make it any easier. I am a mum, married with three boys 17,14 & 8 & while I know they love me I don't think they have any idea of how it feels to be in this kind of limbo ( & that include hubby too ) How do you cope with the waiting ?



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    Hang in there Carmel. I understand your frustration. It took 3 long weeks to finally get my pathology results from my mastectomy and 19 lymph nodes taken out.

    Keep living your life and enjoying the time with your family -that is what I did and put the unanswered questions on the back burner until we finally got to see the doctor.

    If may help if you see your breast care nurse, if you don't have one, you should be able to find out from the hospital, She may be able to be more support for you in the mean time, while you are waiting..

    Hope this helps

    Sandy :)

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    It is really hard waiting and we have all been there.  Sandy has given you some good advice.  I look at life in the now - just enjoy your time now and when you have a plan then you will be able to work with that.  There are lots of lovely ladies on this site who will be able to support you whenever you have a query or just want to vent some anger.  Also it is good to voice good things as well  ie new happenings in families.  We are all interested in each others journey. Take care XLeonie

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    Hi Carmel

    Maybe not the best reason to join a network but nevertheless welcome to our club - it is an incredible support as you work your way through the quagmire and waiting game and then your treatment.

    I can only second all the great advice the ladies before me have given. If you use a filter such as 'waiting' on previous blogs you'll see just how many of us have battled (and continue to sometimes) with that aspect and how much company you have.

    Enjoy your you and family time and let us know how things go when you get something like a plan.

    Take special care, Dette xxx

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    The waiting doesnt get any easier, there is the waiting for appointments, waiting for results.  I am 4 years from my diagnosis and still get anxious waiting for results from blood tests and scans,  However at least now they are yearly.

    There is nothing much that can ease the wait for you, but as the others said, once the wait is over the ball will start rolling and depending on your treatment plan things will be clearer and you will have direction.


    Hang in there hon, the wait will be over soon.

    Take care.

    Tanya xx