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Hi @lovelylady
I see  you wanted to post but were unsure so here is the start of a post for  you :smile:
 sorry you had to join our forum but we are supportive and we all laugh and cry vent with each other on here. 


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    I have been diagnosed with bc and have had a lumpectomy and everything is clear, but I have HER2 so start Chemo on Friday and trying the cooling cap. I am have chemo every week for 3 months and then radiation for 5days for 5 weeks and also the injection every 3 weeks for one year. Anyone who has used this cooling cap I would love to hear from.  I am 67 years old have a great husband, family and friends but still scared. 
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    Hi @Lynds. @Soldier Crab has started a new thread for you in the Tests, treatments and side effects section of the forum, where your question will be better seen. You can see it here: http://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/discussion/15417/cooling-caps#latest
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    thank you Cosette