A little festive season tip talk!

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Food tips
Tis the season for family, festivity, and food—lots of food! With a little planning you can still enjoy the temptations :)
  • Avoid going hungry to parties. Eat something light before the party to reduce your chances of snacking on high calorie party food.
  • Don’t try to lose weight over the festive season. Instead, aim to maintain your current weight.
  • Watch your portion sizes. If your will power is weak and you know you will want to finish everything in front of you, use an entrée plate instead of a dinner plate. That way you are sure to eat less.

Fitness tips
Being active for some time, a few times every week over the festive season, offers a range of health benefits, including:
strengthened heart and cardiovascular system
  • increased flexibility
  • improved joint mobility
  • increased muscle strength
  • stronger bones
  • improved stamina
  • lowered blood cholesterol levels
  • reduced blood pressure
  • loss of excess body fat
  • reduced risk of various diseases, including heart disease
  • lower incidence of depression
  • reduced stress levels
Physical activity recommendations for adults include:
  • Think of movement as an opportunity, not an inconvenience. For example, try to walk or cycle instead of using the car, or take the stairs instead of using the lift.
  • Be as active as possible in as many ways as you can throughout the day.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (such as brisk walking) on most (preferably all) days. The 30 minutes does not have to be continuous. Combine short 10 to 15 minute sessions throughout the day instead.
  • More activity is better than less and less activity is better than none, your mind and body will thank you for it.
If you are needing that extra helping hand Fernwood and BCNA are offering the Revitalise with BCNA 6 week online wellbeing program at half price. 100% of the registration fee is still donated back to BCNA. To find out more information go to https://revitalise.bcna.org.au/

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  • Suzanne 2577
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    Thanks Ann-Marie.    Fish Oil tablets, Vitamin C, Cartia (daily) and heaps of Christmas Pudding with custard and a few Baileys on the rocks.....
  • rowdy
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    hey Suzanne the last bit sounds yummy
  • socoda
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    Hey Suzanne 2577, break down your Christmas pudding and you have some fruit serves, dairy serves for the custard and a serve of feel good endorphins for the Baileys!!! Woohooooo!!! That's my kind of diet :)
  • Ann-Marie
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    @Suzanne 2577Christmas pudding? YUM :)