Are you considering Choosing Breast Reconstruction?

Hi Ladies,
If you are considering your options in regards to Breast Reconstruciton and are not already a member  please ask to Join the Choosing Breast Reconstruction Group. This group is the old Breast Reconstruction Online Group. Once you leave us a brief message one of our friendly facilitators can join you up.  It is a great group to join if you are thinking about breast reconstruction or if you are trying to decide whether to reconstruct or not.  We have many members who have traveled in your shoes ready to connect with you.
If your were previously a member and  youare asked again to join, just click on the join link and  leave a brief message, just let us know you were a previous member in your brief message.  I know of one lady whose membership did not transfer over.  BCNA are aware of the problem and hopefully not to many were affected.  To go to the new site just click on the Groups tab on the right of the page and pick Choosing Breast Reconstruction.  
Hope to see you there soon.
Paula, Louie, Alex, Jane and Chris :)