Friday update!

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Hi everyone. It's time for another Friday Update.

Community Highlights
We have 30 new members. A warm welcome to Bubbly, Vix, Ebaar, joanne_06 and all the new members.
This week we had 50 posts and 433 comments. Here are some posts you might have missed-

BCNA News & Events
Held in rural, regional and metropolitan locations around Australia, our Information Forums are free events for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, and their partners, family and supporters - read more here

Developed by BCNA and Fernwood Fitness, Revitalise with BCNA is a six-week online program designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer stay active and well - read more here

Christie says her friends and family are always asking her how they can help. That’s why she started her own ‘I am not cancer. I am me.’ BCNA supporter page. Read Christie’s message to her family and friends.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 120km BCNA & Inspired Adventures El Camino trek and who raised an absolutely INCREDIBLE $172,000 for BCNA. Here’s the group holding a Mini Field of Women on their journey in memory of those affected by breast cancer. Interested in our next adventure exploring the Tuscan countryside? Click here for more information.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

~ Ann-Marie x