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Good Move!

KatieTKatieT BrisbaneMember Posts: 56
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This is a very good move by BCNA.  I joined two years ago when the community discussion was contained within something that looked like a bulletin board.  I understood it.  I could post and even edit my own posts.  I could find my way around.  As a person familiar with online groups I was relieved that I'd found somewhere that might be a help to me since I'd just been blind-sided with a cancer diagnosis. I was so relieved.

Then the site changed and I realised it wasn't easy to navigate, It didn't feel good and I couldn't take control of my own information especially old posts.  It felt more like a blog with limited control.  I couldn't even edit a simple mistake once posted.  I felt exposed and that making any post at all was a risk especially as some of the things we talk about are private.  I expressed my concerns and very quickly my posts were removed.  It appeared feedback on this wasn't welcome.  I knew straight away that wasn't a community that was going to help me and I left and went over to facebook looking to connect with people.  That was a second-best option for me but I met some lovely people that I still see today.  

Two years have passed and I'm through treatment, although cancer concerns never leave us.  I'm trying to re-integrate back into the workplace and adjust to my 'new normal'.    I took a quick look here today and was so pleased that this is happening.  Perhaps the new site will welcome and help people in a way that I didn't experience. I wish you people well in your endeavours to make a friendly and supportive site that caters to the needs of the bc community.

Thank you.




  • CosetteCosette Member Posts: 652
    edited July 2016

    Thank you, Katie :-)

    This is a big decision and it comes after a lot of feedback from our members. That feedback has included the ways we haven't meet the needs of our members and we'll be expanding the online network as a result. There will be a section for members who are past their treatment and re-adjusting to life after breast cancer. I hope you stick around :-)

  • JanineGJanineG Melbourne (west)Member Posts: 128
    edited July 2016

    This is so good to read. I've found myself not participating because I didn't feel I had the right. By this I mean, I didn't have to have chemo, I had surgery, but no mastectomy and my lymph nodes were clear, I had radiation and am on tamoxifen. I felt that I shouldn't post because the ladies on here.  all seemed so much worse off than me. I'm greatfull that there will be a place for women like me who have completed treatment to communicate because it's not easy! 


  • CosetteCosette Member Posts: 652
    edited July 2016

    Hi Janine. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't felt safe enough to participate. It is our goal to have this be a supportive space for all Australians affected by breast cancer. Everyone's experience is different, but equally important to us. The platform has been limiting in many ways and we hope that the new one will help faciliate more diverse and inclusive conversations about this complex topic.

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