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Hi All

I am aware my questions about this need to be directed to my medical team but thought I would also throw it out here as well. 

I am not sure if anyone else has had the experience where during a staging CT scan they found a lesion on the liver. I was diagnosed early in March 2016 and because they found cancer in 1 lymph node was sent for full body bone scans and an CT ( chest/ abdomen/pelvis). Luckily the bone scan was fine ( except for mild arthritis which I knew about). The CT scan picked up 2 lesions in my liver 7mm and 10 mm. Anyway it caused a bit dilemma at the hospital and for a short time a liver biopsy was considered then taken off the table. The Radiographer is thinking it might be a hemangioma rather than metastases and sticking needles into a hemangioma is very risky apparently.   A subsequent liver MRI was not able to confirm a definite diagnosis but they are now thinking the lesions look like atypical hemangioma which is benign. I have done some reading and it seems lots of us are walking around with all sort of lesions in our organs but we would normally never know about about them and they wouldn't cause us any problems but just because cancer patients are scanned so much occasionally something suspicious is found. 

I am concerned it is metastases but without a liver biopsy I won't know. I am due to have Chemo after the 2nd surgery so that might treat it anyway. Docs are also thinking of sending me to have a PET CT scan or a Red Cell nuclear scan just to be sure. Sometimes it is the unknown's that is the hardest to deal with. 




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    Hi, I would not panic too much as I have had them on my liver since childhood... crappy liver - what can I say.... 

    I took a look at my liver while having an ultrasound and looks like the surface of the moon so having them does not have to mean it is cancerous. Do not fret just because they are there.  They could be a result of chemo or similar - somply liver cops damage from us taking other meds or being overweight or having other ilnesses like Hepatitis etc....

    I have also had liver biopsy as a teen and yes, there is a lot of internal bleeding. They almost had me go under the knife at the time post biopsy as bleeding simply would not stop and my blood pressure was extremely low. Managed to avoid being cut open but meant days of bed confinement and I would not reccomend it...

    I would go along with what Drs are saying as they know their thing and they know how to interpret these scans... If they reckon it is nothing to worry about I would trust them.



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    Do you know what type of tumor sensitivities your breast cancer has? Looking at info on the cysts they often are es+ so if you go on treatment after chemo for that they may well shrink all on their own. I had no lymph nodes but had all the same staging tests just to he sure. I have cysts in my liver which have been there for years and arthritis also. Be guided by your medical team. Take care...and yes the waiting and unknowns are the worst. Kath x

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    HI Narelle,


    Apparently we are born with x amount of cysts in our body anyway. Some turn into something else but most do not. I think you just have to trust that your medicos know there stuff. 

    It's such a scary thing. I think once you are diagnosed with any sort of cancer you are so sensitive to changes in your body and the first thing you think of is more cancer. 

    It's all very easy for me and others to say "don't worry", because I know you do ... as do I ... but be guided by the experts.

    Take care,


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    Hi Kath

    The ER was negative and the HER 2 results are still pending. I only got the lab report last Friday. 


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    Hi Narelle,

    i have a large hemangioma on the liver also. I also have a schwannoma on my spine. Neither have ever been biopsied because of where they are and the dangers associated with them. My neurosurgeons that are looking after the schwannoma on my spine explained that  they get a very good idea of whether the tumours are benign or malignant from the shape and the outside edge of  them on the scans. Blood tests would show if your cancer markers are elevated and this would also be an indication of malignancy. I wouldn't worry too much about it if the doctors are happy. Take care. Karen xox

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    Hi Narelle.

    I took have one. Apparently you can be born with them. I was fortunate enough to know I had mine pre diagnosis. 

    I can understand your worry.

    Sooner they look into it the better for your peace of mind.

    Hugs Airlie ?? ?? 

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    Hi Karen

    I don't believe I have had a blood test for markers yet. The radiographer that did the ultrasound and CT on my liver did talk about their appearance on the scan and is thinking they may be benign.   No one is prepared to give me a guarantee. Scary time though. 

    I am hoping they are benign because I also think it is highly unlikely I have metastases only 2 mths after my diagnosis (God I hope not).  I have multi-focal tumours  ( 3 so far that we know of) that add up to 2.4 mm altogether ( 2mm, 6mm and 16 mm) and 40 mm DCIS but also found out last week 3 lymph nodes are now involved and 2 more have microscopic involvement. Will speak to the surgeon tomorrow as I have now been booked in for a mastectomy as the lumpectomy didn't have clear margins and there might be some other unexpected surprises left in my remaining breast tissue.  


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    Hi Airlie

    I believe the red cell nuclear scan is the best test to indicate if they are hemangioma's or not but as I had surgery last week they can't do this test as the surgery wound would give off false readings ( I think that is the explanation they gave me).  I just have to live with the uncertainty and focus on preparing for my second surgery (Mastectomy)  in a week or 2 ( still waiting for a date)  Docs don't seem to be as worried as I am. 

    There has been lots of twists and turns with me and I have to say I have been keeping my treating team on their toes. I hear there has been several in depth discussions and divided opinions offered at the weekly MultiD team meetings whenever my case is brought up.  Would've  liked to be the fly on the wall. At least I am not boring I suppose. 


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    It's so hard not to worry Narelle. Good luck with the surgeon.  Your in my thoughts xox

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