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secondary cancer

seaford jenny
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hi all some if u may remember me i started this group in 2011 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer i m glad to c the group has taken off good on u all. i had to resign from the group as my husband became unwell and passed away in august. during that time i was feeling stressed tired and a bit unwell around a month ago i was told mt breast cancer has spread to my liver . i will start some chemo next week. i was wondering if any of u girls have had a secondary cancer and if u would mind me tagging along on some of your meetups or is tbe group for newly diagnosed breast cancer.best wishes to u all


  • seaford jenny
    seaford jenny Member Posts: 79
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    hi jo thanks for the info jenny
  • chookie63
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    Hi Jenny,


    I am so sorry to hear your news.  If you cannot get to metting and you have facebook I can add you to our group for women with advance breast cancer or you can ring me any time on 59 957 212 or 0415588664 just to talk or vent.


    Sending you strength and love

    Trace xoxo

  • seaford jenny
    seaford jenny Member Posts: 79
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    hi tracy that would be great pls send me a request jenny treller i would love to join the face book page also not sure what group you belong to i would be intetrested in that to. i have just put a new group up for those in the frankston area i will see if there is any interest. i will stay in the soth east and bayside as well. best wishes jenny

  • dianne_n
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    Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you. The group you started has gone from strength to strength with our new facilatator Adean.

    We have been meeting monthly for a little while now and even attended a BCNA fundraiser organised by one of our lovely ladies at her home. She raised just over $2000, so proud of her!!

    I wish you all the best with your next hurdle to jump through. I was sorry to hear about your husband too, to go through the cancer crap yourself and then see him lose his battle, I can't even imagine how awful that must be.

    Take care and I hope to meet you if you're well enough to get to a group.