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Always hope

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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and stories.
I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in January, this was my first diagnosis. I finished 6 months of chemotherapy in July and was lucky enough to still work full time whilst having treatment. I have viewed many blogs and they have helped me to stay positive and for the most part keep me smiling so thank you. I am having Herceptin every 3 weeks and am hoping to keep the bone mets under control. I have found many blogs of ladies living with secondary mets living long and quality lives and am looking forward to joining them.


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    Thank you Cherylek, best of luck to you too.
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    I admire you so much for your positive attitude. One thing I'm really scared of is secondaries. I've finished chemo and have had my double mastectomy and recon. Still going on Herceptin and Femara. We all if us have to keep positive don't we. My mantra is 'one day at a time'. My dad recorded a song of that title back in the 80s so I play it a lot.

    Yes there is always hope.

    Lots of love to you
    Janey xxx
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    I hope all goes well and no secondaries for you. We have to stay positive and keep going, there is always something new coming out for treatment so I try to stay positive.

    Love to you too
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