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Hi all,


Very new to this unfortunatley I have been diagnosed with secondary BC without  any preliminaries with early BC. I have bone  mets which i thought was musco sleletal issues from a fall off a horse, I am 47 with an 8 year old girl and terrified. I have started hormone therapy to starve my cancer and doctor says this could work for a long time but no gaurantees. Can anyone let me know anything about this. Thanks 




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    Hi Klea, so sorry to meet you under these circumstances, and welcome to this wonderful site. There is a lot if info available through the BCNA that might help you as you embark upon this new direction in your life. There is an information pack called Hopes and Hurdles which you can order free of charge from this site, which will give you support and relevant information. Also please use this online blog site to ask questions, and vent your anger. You will find wonderful support here from women who have been through or going through breast cancer treatment and will really understand exactly what you are feeling. Good luck with everything. Love Chris xx
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    Hey Thanks so much,


    I have the hopes and hurdles stuff and i try to keep in mind that it wont kill me while in my bones. I live alone whith my daughter so it gets hard but I do have great friends. I have yet to meet another with bone mets so I am glad to Talk so to speak. Can I ask how long you have had yours?. I have been told you can go for many years on just bone mets I am hoping so . Yes it was a huge shock as I said I had no idea I had cancer I just thought my bback was sore from my horse fall. I had had a momogram only last july which was clear but apparently the tumoiur was right on the chest wall where the plates of the machine cant get too bummer hey. I was told it was a grade 1 which is slow and oestrogen pos good also so i just hope that means they can keep it under control. Do you get back pain? How is your life impacted? I hope its not rude asking this stuff. Thanks  and my love back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Thanks Chris,

    Thanks so much for talking with me .Its all so scary and I am struggling with the mental aspect too. Also having to use this tecnology haha not good at it yet.

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    Hi Mich,


    No worries I would love to talk with your girlfriend if she is happy to do so. I think it will be good for me.

    Thanks again 

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