Triple Negative diagnosis - Mindset challenges

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Hi everyone! My name is Andrea. I got diagnosed late November with TNBC, and I’m 6 weeks into chemo and immunotherapy. I’m 47 with two kids - 15 & 13. My side effects haven’t been too bad so far. Lost my hair and taste. My biggest hurdle is my own mindset especially when I have to go in for a long treatment. At this rate I go every Monday for differing hours but I really really dread having to lie there for hours. Music is the only thing that’s seems to help. Plus some meds to help me sleep a little worked. Thanks for letting me share. I look forward to hearing what others are going through. ❤️


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    So sorry to see you join our select little group here, @Andrea_S, but you are in the right spot, for support & hopefully, advice, to hopefully ease the journey a bit xx. 

    We have a private group here for Triple Negative members, where you can discuss issues in absolute privacy - be it venting or just seeking company from someone who knows exactly what you are going thru.  If you go to this post & 'join' .... you are IN! ;)

    This mongrel disease really DOES muck with your Head even more than your body, I reckon ..... so if you are able to continue doing stuff that you enjoy doing, or even try something 'new' .... 

    Whack up any queries that you may have and hopefully we'll be able to help guide you xx

    take care & all the best for next week's treatments xx

    Jump onto this thread & it shows you some of the other areas that we 'play in' .... not all posts are medical .... we share pics of out pets, gardens, art & craft .... feel free to add to any of them xx.  There are also some 'tick sheets' down the bottom of the post, that you can print off & fill in, for when you next see your Onc - to 'self assess' how you are going mentally and physically xx. Sometimes it is easier to just give them a copy so they can ask questions, rather than you having to 'talk about it' ....  a 'starting point' ....