Newly diagnosed DCIS

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Diagnosed on the 25th October after a routine mammogram- no lumps/symptoms. Waiting now to be booked in for a mastectomy + reconstruction. No longer feel numb but the shock remains. 


  • June1952
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    Welcome @RedRose77 to this friendly informative group which no-one thought they'd join.
    Yes, it is such a shock, especially when there are no lumps felt ahead of time.
    We are here for you so feel free to ask any questions you want - nothing is too small or too silly - and we will try to help you.
    If you put your general location in your profile ladies nearby can offer additional information relevant to your area.
    All the best.  
  • arpie
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    Sorry to see you here, @RedRose77, welcome to the group - As with so many of us, we were fit & healthy & loving life & got the shock diagnosis (there's NEVER been cancer in my family - I used to be smug because we all had a history of heart attack!  So, weird, eh?) It can take a while to get over those emotions that can range from sad to despair to anger & everywhere between. All these emotions are totally normal. 

    Make sure you take a trusted buddy with you to all your appointments as support and also as a 2nd set of ears as no 2 people 'hear' the same thing! And also consider recording them as it is very difficult to remember everything that is said at the time xx

    So good that you've found us - as @June1952 has said - there are no silly questions ..... so ask away xx

    Feel free to join the Private Reconstruction Group - where all conversations are totally private & you can bring up any query that you may have - and also see pics of other's reconstructions.

    Also, jump onto this thread to see what else we have going on in the forum .... we have some 'off topic' threads where you can show off your pets, gardens, art & craft and more!  We even have a couple of funny threads, for a good belly laugh too!!  Feel free to add to any of them!  There are tick sheets, too, to 'self assess' how you are going ..... you could take those along with you to your team meetings - and if you feel a tad sad, ask your GP to refer you to a Counsellor - or give our helpline a bell on 1800 500 258 Mon-Fri xx

    take care & all the best xx
  • Leach
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    Me too 😢 
    I had 3 wide local excisions and did not get clear margins. Did you have an excision before mastectomy decision or straight to mastectomy ? 
    Im looking at bilateral mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction in Brisbane in January, I am currently working on my prehab for improved fitness and weight loss. I must jump into the recon group.
    Feel free to pm me if you like .