Welcome New Members - 18th October 2023

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Welcome to our new members joining the Online Network recently:

@Morgan99 @LeonieJ @mazza56 @suzrenn_0 @Susbry @ALenehanJones @RenWood @Mecaza @TKlibbe @amber_s @tumble85 @wenders @Jacko_2907 @k_rimmer @Bellefi123 @fab50 @Gloria55 @CClan @renee @Carolin83415970 @dancingdog @kimbo191 @TranstnFac @FionaM13 @1948 @sking @allyson @MillyMolly @houseofgroovyshooz @cjg @Rach17 @JSunshine @Carlycox @JeniQld @pawood @RynneAJ @WISIDD @kyles1 @BeckyV @MJane @skeetie @maddie12 @SMcK @nellym75 @masakostricker @Hotaru909901 @mummy @JJJ @Michelle_L @Monibear @cee1 @123439 @Jules1964 @earl @walnutco @m_seed1975 @Marcelita @Bsmith13 @LeeH @ChrisO @cdw @myule @marilyn_p @joanhum @awoods @MelCRobbo @Rosemary23 @Jabba @AquaMarina @SueD @Patsy01 @Adelle_G @GracieM @precious @Libby15 @sammyjay @Simone2909 @LucyBell @SF73 @kristyf @AC75 @KarenN @LouLou74

You have found your way to Breast Cancer Network Australia's (BCNA's) Online Network. This is a forum where you are not alone and can engage with generous members who provide meaningful support to each other. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with other members. Please explore our various Groups for members who are looking for greater peer-to-peer support. 

The following links may also be helpful in getting you started: 

Our long-time members (newbies too!) are a wealth of information regarding the useful discussion topics and information available through BCNA's Online Network, therefore please do not hesitate to post your questions. You have the option to add details about yourself to your  'Profile' (Update your profile image by clicking 'Change My Picture')  and if you would like more targeted responses, you may like to add where you live (e.g. Sydney; Melbourne; Regional Victoria). 
If you need help navigating the Online Network please message myself @Mez_BCNA or one of our other moderators: @Denise_BCNA , @Risha_BCNA , @Pat_BCNA@Kate_BCNA , @Daina-BCNA
Please note: the Online Network is not moderated by staff/volunteers on the weekends, however if you need something actioned, the quickest way to resolve your query is to contact the Helpline Team via email helpline@bcna.org.au or phone 1800 500 258 Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm AEST


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    Welcome @Morgan99 @LeonieJ @mazza56 @suzrenn_0 @Susbry @ALenehanJones @RenWood @Mecaza @TKlibbe @amber_s @tumble85 @wenders @Jacko_2907 @k_rimmer @Bellefi123 @fab50 @Gloria55 @CClan @renee @Carolin83415970 @dancingdog @kimbo191 @TranstnFac @FionaM13 @1948 @sking @allyson @MillyMolly @houseofgroovyshooz @cjg @Rach17 @JSunshine @Carlycox @JeniQld @pawood @RynneAJ @WISIDD @kyles1 @BeckyV @MJane @skeetie @maddie12 @SMcK @nellym75 @masakostricker @Hotaru909901 @mummy @JJJ @Michelle_L @Monibear @cee1 @123439 @Jules1964 @earl @walnutco @m_seed1975 @Marcelita @Bsmith13 @LeeH @ChrisO @cdw @myule @marilyn_p @joanhum @awoods @MelCRobbo @Rosemary23 @Jabba @AquaMarina @SueD @Patsy01 @Adelle_G @GracieM @precious @Libby15 @sammyjay @Simone2909 @LucyBell @SF73 @kristyf @AC75 @KarenN @LouLou74 to the network none of us ever thought we'd need or want to join.  I am saddened to see so many new members.
    Whilst our cancers may be slightly different they are all cancers and we can all help each other.
    Always remember that there is a great group of ladies and men here who can support you, often from afar.
    No question is too small or too silly so at any time just ask ask ask.
    You will no doubt also find that it is easier to vent on here to someone not closely connected with you and there are members of a range of ages and circumstances so you will connect with someone.
    We are all thinking of you all as you begin whatever your diagnosis and whatever your treatment.  💖💖
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    thank you 🙏 this group is so welcoming I’m still trying to navigate things. 

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    Sure --- I'm here to support you.  Please let me know if you would like my help.