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I was diagnosed late July this year after presenting to Emergency after I had leakage from my left nipple and very red and saw. After many many scans, biopsies, mammograms, bone scans etc etc I saw my surgeon the last week of September and last Wednesday the 04/10/23 I had a single mastectomy on my left breast and also two lymph nodes removed.

I stayed in hospital for three days and ever since I have been trying to rest and have had a community nurse visit daily and I see my breast nurse weekly. I will see my surgeon in about two weeks once results are returned. It took me two days to look at myself and even now I only look when in the shower.

I am still recovering and I still have two drains in which are so annoying. I’ve had my fair share of tears but I do this in private mainly in the shower when I’m by myself. I’m trying to be strong for my family but it’s so hard.

One thing I am grateful for is that I am not in much pain. I am struggling to remember to do my arm exercises as I can move it fine. It’s a long road to recovery but now where coming into Summer I look so different and I know other people can tell as well.

Anyway that’s my story and I’m sure you all have a story just as difficult. 


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    Well done for sharing your story Jules. It's a big step. Take care and be kind to yourself.  Accept all the help offered.  
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    Be assured @Jules1964 - other people do not look at you - they are more concerned with themselves !
    I had my right mastectomy 9 years ago.  7 years ago we moved to this home,  In a recent discussion re cancer with the lady opposite I mentioned my mastectomy - she had never noticed the lack of my boob !!
    Please do remember your exercises as they are important.
    I am here if you need someone to natter with.  💖
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    Hi @Jules1964  
    from another Jules! ( There was an error when I got my pen name but quite like Julez too!).
    You will find this website a wealth of information and this forum informative and supportive.
    We all have slightly different experiences and reactions but there are a lot of commonalities.
    There is the physical side of things but just as important the emotional/ mental side.
    I liken it to grieving a death of a loved one - you are grieving the death of your formerly bulletproof self.
    i found the Dr Charlotte Tottman podcasts on here very helpful - she was a psychologist who specialised in cancer related distress who herself got breast cancer.
    Take care and have a look around the website - there is a lot of very good , credible information and resources - and they to stay away from “ Dr Google”.

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    Hi Jules,

    I'm so sorry, I hope things get better for you.

    As Julez1958 said, DON'T take any notice of Dr Google, I really freaked myself out researching there, found a lot of things that are wrong or so outdated, this Breast Cancer Australia is a wealth of knowledge, and NOT out dated.

    I wonder how I'll go with my double mastectomy , looking at myself, it probably takes a while to get used to it, the flat chest. But I'd rather that than a breast with cancer in it.

    Good luck and please keep us informed, remember you have support here  :)

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    Absolutely @Jules1964 ... stay away from Dr Google .... it may scare you!  Everyone's diagnosis is different, so much of it wouldn't relate to you xx

    Totally agree re Charlotte Tottman's Podcasts ..... there is a link to her FIRST series in the dialogue under the Season 2 link .... 

    @Cindi - I caught up with a friend yesterday who had had a double 'aesthetic closure' mastectomy and stayed flat - and her surgeon had done such a good job!  No lumps or bumps or 'tags' (sometimes there is a bit sticking out at either end of the scar) ... but she'd told her surgeon she didn't want any of that - and he did a magnificent job.  I wish I'd asked if I could take a photo, it was SO good.  I showed her mine too .... LOL.  But my surgery was all under the nipple (including the node removals) so the only scar I had was around the nipple, that was 'lifted' to access everything else .... xx