Season 2: Podcast Series "What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman"

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Charlotte is back with an 'unlimited' season!

Season 2 of our popular Upfront About Breast Cancer podcast What You Don’t Know Until You Do with Clinical Psychologist Dr Charlotte Tottman is available now (You have direct access via the bottom of the Online Network homepage)

With over 58,000 listens, Season 1 proved to be a valuable resource that shared the reality of what it’s like going through a breast cancer experience. We heard about Dr Charlotte Tottman who established her own private practice in psycho oncology, before being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Charlotte shared her lived experience with breast cancer, exploring common psychological triggers and responses, while providing tips of what helped her. 

(Read the popular Online Network discussion for the Season 1 via link Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman)

This new season is 'unlimited' to reflect a broader experience from a clinical perspective, stripping away the common limitations imposed by the discomfort associated with difficult topics, while providing practical strategies to help people at any stage of their breast cancer experience.

Start your day with Charlotte and Kellie as they have meaningful conversations about many topics including anxiety, advocating for yourself, causal beliefs, metastatic breast cancer, re-starting life after treatment, behavioural changes, boundary setting, different perspectives, side effects and the inevitable; death and mortality.

Listen to What You Don't Know Until You Do: Unlimited via BCNA or wherever you get your podcasts.

Note: We recommend that listeners exercise self-care when listening to this podcast, as some may find the content upsetting. BCNA’s Helpline provides a free confidential telephone and email service for people diagnosed with breast cancer, their family and friends. Our experienced team can help with your questions and concerns and direct you to relevant resources and services. Call 1800 500 258 or email [email protected]